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Rick Warren 2.0

Irony: Rick Warren decries hypocrisy, commercialized faith

Perhaps the most influential pastor in the last thirty years is Rick Warren. This is not because of Rick Warren’s theology or teaching. Rather, Rick Warren is a church growth guru and his Purpose Driven Church has been used as a template for building seeker sensitive churches. In the last few years, Rick Warren has made it abundantly clear that he is a wolf via supporting Branch Covidianism, coming out as egalitarian, and endorsing Bart Barber. On April 28th, Rick Warren took to tweeting these gems back to back:

Rick Warren is a poster child for commercialized religion in the United States. Let’s not forget that Rick Warren peddled the Daniel Plan on Dr. Oz. Let’s not forget that Rick Warren has sold himself out to every major culture trend, except homosexuality (for now). Rick Warren is the last person to condemn commercialized religion. Megan Basham aptyl responded:

Megan Basham correctly points out how Rick Warren was part of the government scheme to peddle disinformation to Evangelicals via his promoting of Francis Collins, the 2021 Church Villain of the Year.

And then there’s the tweet about hypocrisy, like a fat man selling a diet plan. The lack of self awareness is stunning and brave.

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  1. Not to mention he signed That paper years ago agreeing to Christlom . That Christianity and Isam believe it in same God, etc.

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