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Bolshevik Beth Moore

Beth Moore Memoir To Regale Us With Twitter Stories

Beth Moore is publishing another book. This one a memoire. The feminist Roys Report of Julie Roys published a piece promoting the upcoming book, to be published by Tyndale. The article give incite to a main emphasis of the book which will include the financial collapse of Beth Moore’s ministry. Discernment ministries successfully exposed Beth Moore as a false teacher over the course of several years. It appears in narcissist fashion, she is going to rewrite her downfall in a positive light.

Moore, perhaps the best-known ex-Southern Baptist in the country, will recount her Twitter battles, her split with her former denomination and, more importantly, her lifelong journey with Jesus, in a new memoir titled “All My Knotted-Up Life,” due out from Tyndale in April 2023.

A bold strategy to get people to pay for what they can easily access online.

That criticism led to a backlash from pastors and churches, who stopped buying Moore’s Bible studies, which were published by Lifeway Christian Resources at the time. Her ministry lost millions in the years after Trump’s election.

Then Moore posted what she thought was an innocuous comment on Twitter about speaking at a Mother’s Day church service, which sparked a national controversy over the role of women in the church. That debate overshadowed other issues in the Southern Baptist Convention, including the denomination’s reckoning with sexual abuse in churches.

We eagerly await the reckoning of the sex abuse issue in the Southern Baptist Convention, of which the Sex Abuse Tax Force has received millions and the only known findings so far is an adulteress being retconned as an abuse victim. But the Roys Report must make abuse a primary issue despite its owner being something of an abuser herself.

Nonetheless, for Beth Moore to write a book with a large emphasis on her Twitter bouts is insanely narcissistic, just as Phil Johnson called her right before John MacArthur famously said, “Go home.” Beth Moore’s social media obsession was also evident in the sermon she gave at Charlie Dates’ church. All the self inflicted controversy finally pays off for Beth Moore who has otherwise lost money, as she cashes in the advance on her book.

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