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enemies within the church

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary Compromises

A shortlist of decent seminaries out there would have likely included Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, a conservative Baptist seminary just outside of the Southern Baptist Convention. MABTS has given a lot of credence to the liberal drift of the Southern Baptist Convention, being a frequent venue for the Conservative Baptist Network. Additionally, in November of 2021, MABTS hosted a viewing of Enemies Within The Church, thus solidifying their reputation as an uncompromised seminary. Randy Adams, the president of Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, took issue with the film’s Greenway’s firing of Dr. Bobby Lopez and slander of him.

Evidently, a second event that would have aired the film at MABTS would not come to fruition. The Citizens For America Foundation hosted their Cultural Engagement Summit at MABTS on April 30th. Enemies Within The Church sponsored the event and committed financial resources to the event in anticipation that the film would be aired. Judd Saul revealed on the Big Brown Gadfly, Bobby Lopez’s show, livestream that there was institutional pushback against the film. Judd Saul names the Conservative Baptist Network as the culprits behind the film’s recent pushback.

Judd Saul states that they CBN crowd is jockeying for power rather than standing for truth. He denounces their lack of support for the movie.

On the day of the summit, Trevor Loudon would be allowed to speak, and he took the time to state exactly why the film was not allowed to be aired at the event. For this, he was removed from he stage. Judd Saul put out the following statement on Facebook

The leadership at Mid-America Baptist theological Seminary just went to go pull Trevor Loudon off the stage and they cut off the live video feed because he was exposing the fact that they shut down the showing of our film. Full video will be uploaded within the next day.

To put this whole thing into context.

We were called up by the event organizer Citizens For America, and asked to sponsor the event. We sponsored the event predicated on the fact that we were going to show the film at the event.

We got word last week that the Seminary president Mr. Spradlin call the event organizer and insisted he not show the film at the event.

We spent several days trying to contact Mr Spradlin and faculty at the Seminary to find out why they were trying to cancel our film at an event that wasn’t being put on by the Seminary itself.

We had already purchased plane tickets and shipped things out to Cordova Tennessee for the event. I spoke with Trevor about going and he decided he wanted to go speak to the crowd. Many people showed up to the event expecting a showing of the film. No announcement by the event organizer was made that the film wasn’t being shown.

Trevor decided to explain why the film wasn’t being shown and who made the order.

In the middle of Trevor’s speech they rushed the stage and pulled him off and cut the live video feed and proceeded to try to throw out our entire crew from the event.

This is what happens when you speak truth in a Southern Baptist institution. Instead of just owning up to it, they like to hide and play games.

This is why the southern Baptists even the ones who claim to be conservative always lose.

The Bible says let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. The Honorable thing would have been to provide the real explanation as to why they shut down down our film. Especially at someone else’s event that just happened to be held at their location.

Everyone on our film team stands on truth. It just seems that there are too many that are afraid of the truth even if they claim to be on our side.

We don’t play games. Don’t care about positions. We’re not respecters of person’s. We also do not value “gentleman’s agreements” over truth.

There are thousands of churches across America they’re being infiltrated by Marxism. There are millions of Americans being led astray by a false gospel.

Playing games is over.

Jon Harris would go on to air what footage existed of the event and the aftermath of Loudon’s removal.

What changed in the last five months? Why was Michael Spradlin content to air the film last year, but opposed now? The questions surrounding Michael Spradlin’s weak leadership deserve answers, but unfortunately it reeks of Big Eva and the CBN interference. The Conservative Baptist Network is at the heart of this story and Evangelical Dark Web will continue coverage of this developing event.

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3 Responses

    1. They might not teach garbage but their leadership is compromised because SBC politics is being prioritized over truth. The teaching will soon follow.

  1. Maybe this doesn’t matter, but… By this time the audience diminished to about 55 people who were only participators in the conference. The conference ends about a half hour later or so and maybe 5-7 people went up to their booth. Pastor Pig was sincere as a 3rd party member who was seeking to be a peace maker. Conclusion it was difficult to see such a lack of love when confrontation took place semi privately and publicly. Mid-America is the bomb diggity. if you need to personally contact me about the quality of the school you may.

    ps. at no point in the event was enemies within the church ever asked to leave the facility or shut down their booth

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