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Tim Keller

Tim Keller Is A Wolf, Not Stupid

As Tim Keller faces death he has become emboldened with defending his legacy of syncretism in the church. Just this year Time Keller has  promoted Stephen Colbert’s false gospel, compared Francis Collins to Daniel, endorsed a book written by Greg Johnson, promoted Critical Bible Theory, which is simply third-waysim. Now Tim Keller is defending voting for Democrats, basically arguing that the Bible is not clear on biblical public policy. Tim Keller dropped a batch of new Tweets that caught a lot of attention.

Many people criticized Tim Keller’s ridiculous comparison and lack of understanding of public policy. Firstly, there are many Christians that would argue that idolatry should be illegal, theonomist mainly. So this position is not unheard of. Secondly, Abortion is a physical act where as idolatry more of an attitude and motivation but can manifest itself in graven images and false religions. As far as criminality is concerned, idolatry is far more difficult to prove, unless there are the aforementioned manifestations.

Secondly, the Bible provides earthly remedies for sins. For instance, private sins have the Matthew 18 process. Additionally, some sins are prescribed legal punishment in Scripture. Such sins include murder, which abortion false under. Therefore, a biblical stance on abortion that calls for the criminalization of abortion is a slam dunk case to make. Idolatry in the modern context is more difficult to identify and argue because graven images aren’t as blatant as they used to be. Tim Keller is reaching here.

Thirdly, not caring for the poor is not a remotely criminal sin, by itself. Again, its an attitude or motivation. But Tim Keller would go on to disregard Scriptures teachings on partiality when it comes to suggesting that government welfare policies are in bounds for Christians to support.

It’s important to point out that Tim Keller is not retarded. He is a sophist style of writer constantly quoting CS Lewis and other famous writers. He’s being deliberate here, and is demonstrably frustrated that people are not buying into him like they used to. Tim Keller is a wolf.

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2 Responses

  1. Is Keller a calculating Satanist?

    Or just a dopey deluded Ned Flanders?

    Or is he simply a tool of the regime, a paid agent and compensated mouthpiece?

  2. Mr Crabs…. That’s the question I ask myself about so many of these guys! It’s such a mystery!
    Have they actually began to believe what they are saying? Or is it deliberate? Or have they been installed by the government….. (Something I would have laughed at a few years ago, but a greater understanding of Russian tactics in the churches in Europe has made me awake to the fact that this IS happening!!!)
    I guess we might not know until heaven…

    I’ll tell you this – Tim Kellers church plant in Berlin (The Berlin Projekt) has had ordained practicing homosexuals for several years. Have they left left his network…. possibly, this I don’t know. Certainly they were a church plant established by Tim Keller.
    When I tell Americans this, they are shocked. This should be enough to prove that he’s knowingly a wolf coming out slowly. The same will happen at his churches here, just give it a few more years. We’re still slightly more alive than churches in Europe.

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