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Left the left meme

Why The Left Hasn’t Left Anyone

There is a popular conception out there that the liberals have grown more extreme in this country, that the progressives have progressed further towards communism and Marxism than ever before. These perceptions are not inaccurate. Additionally, there are several prominent commentators and grifters who have made a living telling the story of why the left left them. The most prominent grifter in conservative politics who has built a brand based on this narrative is Dave Rubin. But the narrative, that in many ways dates back to Ronald Reagan, has become extremely mainstream. Elon Musk, arguably the biggest celebrity in America right now, tweeted out tweeted out this common meme.


However, in tweeting out this meme, Elon Musk’s lacks self awareness and so does everyone else who believes that the left left them and not they the left. While this political spectrum is accurately one dimensional, as the two dimensional spectrums have logically unsustainable positions like anarcho-socialists, it fails to account for the history of liberalism in this country. Specifically for Musk, he seems to have many views in common with the World Economic Forum.

Elon Musk is still a technocratic transhumanist socialist type, so what actually changed?

Myth 1: The Left No Longer Supports Free Speech

Truth: Liberalism has been against free speech since before I was born

Many people seem to think that the recent Big Tech censorship is when the liberals stopped believing in free speech. This of course demonstrates recently bias with a particularly short memory. It’s as though we have forgotten that Big Tech censorship has been going on since Alex Jones invented deplatforming along with Andrew Torba for that matter.

While I remain skeptical that Elon Musk truly believes in free speech, I do believes that he thinks the current censorship is an issue, in part because of his affinity for the Babylon Bee.

In 1991, George H.W. Bush delivered the commencement address at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in which he accurately pointed out the threat of political correctness. Every critique of political correctness, including its stated intent to fight racism and sexism and its devolution to bullying tactics to stomp out dissent, that Bush made were spot on. And while his solutions to the problem left much to be desired, his critique was prophetic to the times we are living in.

The left has been against free speech for over three decades now. Nothing’s changed. People are waking up because the liberals are more emboldened. Yet to the people that are waking up now, they should answer, why didn’t the days of everything is racists and sexist of a few years ago not wake them up. Why didn’t the censorship of Alex Jones wake them up? Liberals have not changed on free speech. The people who left the left, who went along with political correctness for three decades did.

Myth 2: The Right Has Not Changed

Truth: The Right, in some ways, is more conservative than ever.

The liberal retort to the popular meme is to point out that the right has moved further to the right. In some ways, they are correct. If we are to be honest. we must acknowledge this. If we look at presidential nominations, we went from George W Bush, who governed like a liberal, to nominating John McCain, a left of center politician. After that, conservative media promoted Mitt Romney, a full blown liberal, as the next Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump may not be a full conservative, but he moved the Republican Party to the right, so much so that many frauds were exposed. Likewise, Tucker Carlson, arguably the biggest name in conservative media is significantly more conservative than Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity.

On the issue of gun control, the right has promoted ghost guns and 3D printing. In the state legislatures, conservatives have advanced constitutional and open carry in several states. Against abortion, Republicans have passed actual legislation that combats Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood. Against homosexuality and transgenderism, conservatives have ceded ground. This is unfortunate to say the least, but we are finally beginning to see some pushback because the homosexual transvestite pedophile agenda is so brazenly targeting children. The right should be self-aware, if not optimistic, that the outlook of the party has actually improved considerably. And the state legislatures are the evidence of this.

Myth 3: “I didn’t sign up for transgendering children… etc.”

Truth: Yes you did. We tried to warn you at the time.

Many people thought they could support feminism and homosexuality but stop at transgenderism. The most prominent example of this is JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling retconned her book series to make Dumbledore a homosexual (which makes certain chapters highly inappropriate) yet audaciously drew the line on transgenderism picking a fight with the exact SJWs she spent years pandering too. The 2012 Democrat Platform uses the acronym “LGBT” because transgenderism was part of the homosexual agenda then, just as it is now. The DNC platform makes specific mention of youth which implies at the very least support for transgendering children. These same people had no problem then, but when the Democrats succeeded in gaining ground on the items they supported, now they have qualms.

Conservatives correctly predicted that gay marriage would initiate a slippery slope which was called a fallacy at the time, only to be proven a spoiler alert.


The former liberals would have had to have adopted some amount of conservatism in order to have left the left whether it be free speech or the idea that men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports or be able to rape women in prisons. But what they fundamentally misunderstand about liberalism is that its not a stable position. It’s always been a slippery slope. The people leaving the left see the pit they are sprinting towards and want off the ride. So we need to stop deluding ourselves and diluting our values by acting like liberalism doesn’t lead to the path that all the leftwing parties in every western country are on. In the meantime, conservatives would do well to work on their onboarding, because big tents don’t govern well. So we need to onboard the former liberals.

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One Response

  1. “Conservatives correctly predicted that gay marriage would initiate a slippery slope which was called a fallacy at the time, only to be proven a spoiler alert”.
    Right, and once again, I submit, who enabled this? One Ronald Reagan, Republican I might add, who signed into law No-fault Divorce in 1970 in California (the first state to do so), and the poster child for the Moral Majority evangelicals and the Neocons. So it should again come as no surprise that this “slippery slope” you speak of with these liberalized and incentivized divorce laws paved the way for same sex marriage, and the destruction of the traditional family, and the marginalizing of men.
    With all due respect, I know your evangelical brethren (and you personally?) has a bromance with the RNC. As I see it, there’s little difference between the democrats and the republicans, save for a small handful like Goetz, Greene, and Boebert, and to their credit, as you’ve pointed out, some republicans on the state level have strengthened gun rights (interesting that some in your evangelical camp advocate that the 2nd amendment is a form of “idolatry”. Huh?). And yeah, maybe Trump made us more aware of the “enemy within” so called conservatism. Proselytizing gay Jewish ex-liberals to be held up as an example of inclusivity by Neocons? I’ll pass, thanks.
    For the based traditionalists, options are exceedingly limited (as I know all too well) with whom to cast their votes with. In searching for any semblance of Christian Nationalism leaning options, such obscure parties are dominated by evangelicals, and they come with quotes by the likes of John McArthur and James White (cringe) as their mantras.
    As I say in my daily devotions, and every Sunday, “and the life of the world to come” (the original Nicene creed A.D. 325), I await the heavenly kingdom, but push back on the ungodly earthly kingdom. Thing is, I’ll be setting out 2024, and all the gaslighting heading my way means squat.

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