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Christian Post Promotes Soros Backed Immigration Reform

Much of what goes on in Christian media is that press releases are published as news articles, which can often make a story seem more of interest than it actually is. Evangelical Dark Web will either disclose that an article is a press release or provide transformative context or commentary surrounding a press release, ie many of our stories about the CBN. Christian Post published an article promoting open borders policies and amnesty for illegal immigration. The article titled, “Over 200 evangelical leaders lobby Congress to pass immigration reform” reads as though it were a press release from the Evangelical Immigration Table.

The Evangelical Immigration Table has long been known (since 2013 at the latest) to be a group funded by George Soros. The EIT is a project of the National Immigration Forum which has had direct ties to the Open Societies Foundation (George Soros) in the past.

The main figurehead in the Christian Post’s article is Derwin Gray, the pastor of Transformation Church South Carolina (not to be confused with prosperity preacher Mike Todd’s church in Oklahoma.)

Gray expressed a desire to see “smart, reasonable immigration reform that not only secures our borders … but also secures the dignity and worth of human beings.”

Gray, the author of the book How to Heal Our Racial Divide, called for action to protect “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. He called specifically for “a pathway to citizenship.”

The pastor stressed that he was not calling for “amnesty” and that his views on immigration are consistent with “his core values as a follower of Jesus.”

It’s worth noting that giving “dreamers” citizenship is amnesty. The most coherent message in the article is to provide “dreamers” children of illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship. In any case, the Christian Post is highlighting the work of discredited organizations like the Evangelical Immigration Table and the National Association of Evangelicals in order to peddle amnesty for illegal aliens and refugees.

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