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Georgia: Kemp v. Perdue v. Kandiss Taylor, Why Herschel Walker is a Terrible Candidate

In 2020, the voter fraud in Georgia played a significant role in the regime change we experience. Little was done to remedy blatant ballot miscounting or investigate nonexistent flooding. Then Republican voters were sold a narrative that if the two RINO’s did not retain their seats in Congress, then the democrats would ruin America. Little did the prophets at Conservative Inc realize that the Democrats winning those two seats was a disaster for them. The Democrat voters expected majoritarian rule and got inaction from Congress instead. Failure to deliver with a small majority disenfranchises the left and favors the right, who can hopefully come back hungrier than before.


Based on the polling, former running back Herschel Walker appears poised to dominate his primary on May 24th in what is the latest in a series of celebrity candidates in Republican politics. The question to be posited is whether he is authentic or just another token that Team Trump is propping up to “own the libs.” Make no mistake, this is the man Donald Trump raised up for office. In 2008, Walker wrote the book Breaking Free to highlight his experience overcoming dissociative identity disorder (DID), commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. His mental illness is claimed to have played a factor in numerous violent outbursts against his ex-wife. Walker has not denied these abuses, but has claimed they were part of blackouts, a symptom associated with DID. If his claims of mental illness are overstated or misstated, then this would be disqualifying, and Walker has a history of misleading claims pertaining to his experience in business and academia. Personally, his history of violence appears more in line with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) than DID, as CTE results from repeated brain damage playing football. Nevertheless, this is a serious issue voters must ponder. This is not to denigrate mental health, but should we as a people be electing representatives with a history of violent mental illness to public office? Never mind the brain damage which Walker likely suffered during his career which probably factored into his episodes. His expertise in legislating policy is also dubious at best. Serving on some ancillary health commission along with Dr. Oz does not constitute political experience.

The second major concern would be that of Covid. Honestly, he was a promoter of the Branch Covidian narrative, posting workout videos under the hashtag #TogetherApart. His nauseating “all in this together” mantra is all too evident in Walker’s messaging at the time and on issues since. There is no uniting with the Democrats. I do not think Walker adequately understands this, and this failure will lead to turbulence in Washington.

This theme of platitudes and unity messaging is a constant with Walker over substantive positions. He is on record supporting a border wall, but has also demonstrated support for amnesty. On the campaign trail, Walker avoids debate, which is tactically prudent for one dominating the polls, but he remains untested in his foundation. Overall, he is a terrible candidate with little underlying ideology that demonstrates potential. Nevertheless, this is what happens when Trump chooses for the voters.

Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black is a longshot to win but is the most prominent of the challengers with some political experience.

Governor’s Race

Since the fallout of the 2020 election, the reputation of Governor Brian Kemp has suffered dramatically for his failure, or unwillingness, to curtail widespread voter fraud which ended up swinging Georgia blue. Failure to take up this fight has garnered him a contested reelection primary. It should be noted that Kemp will likely cruise to victory over his two primary challengers, as he has polled north of 50% throughout April for what will be a rematch with Stacy Abrams. Overall, Kemp’s record is mixed, but remains better than most given the high-profile nature of the Georgia governor’s office. In past years, he has attracted the wrath of the left for advancing abortion legislation and voter integrity reforms, getting the MLB All-Star game removed from Atlanta. In this latest session, he has finally signed Constitutional Carry and various school bills not as noteworthy as that to his south, which seems to be a theme in Georgia. The state could not even pass a ban on men in women’s sports; instead, Kemp signed a bill offloading the decisions onto the athletic boards. On crime, Kemp has done little to combat the Chicago of the South, Atlanta, as crime has worsened since Covid began. The neighborhood of Buckhead wishes to secede from Atlanta but has little support in the legislature. If/when Kemp does win, voters should support him for reelection in spite of the 2020 election fallout, or at least have a better reason for rejecting him. It appears half the problems in Georgia stem from legislators who kill pertinent legislation before it can reach the governor’s desk.

Since his defeat in early 2021, removing him from the US Senate, David Perdue has been courted by Donald Trump to challenge Brian Kemp for his seat. Perdue was only senator for one term and was hardly a firebrand. Some noteworthy dissentions from Trump during his term was his initial opposition to tariffs, his blockage of a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide, his absence during Trump’s late 2020 veto of the NDAA, and his trading of stocks during the early days of the pandemic. Ironically, his desire to work with Joe Biden prior to his electoral defeat has been forgotten by Donald Trump and he leverages attacks on Kemp for his election fraud impotence. David Perdue might be better, but he also appears as a whore. He will cozy up to Trump and pander to voters but has an interest in his own betterment. This could make a decent governor, as his transactional nature will work in voters’ favor, or it could lead to him pandering while the legislators sandbag bills being passed in other states. Regardless, there is not enough there to convincingly challenge Kemp, and this is likely reflected in the polls.

Enter Kandiss Taylor, an educator who is the extremely right-wing, based candidate in this race. Taylor is unapologetic in her attitude as “Jesus, Guns, Babies” is her campaign mantra. I legitimately question some of her political tact. In her corner is Mike Lindell, Stew Peters, and Lin Wood, which offers quite a mixed bag of conspiracy, grift, and pillow peddling. While boomercons take kindly to Lindell (more so than we millennials), characters like Peters and Wood are on the fringes. Moreover, normies do not take kindly to the Proud Boys, who they find unsavory even though they are not racist or white supremacists. There are plenty of based takes one can do without deeply associating with Peters and Wood, as there is no shortage of evil to condemn stemming from covid. Look no further than Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania for proof that one can go hardcore based without being off-putting to the normies. Instead of talking about satanic stones that are of niche significance, she should be raging against her opponents’ weakness and the general GOP establishment which both her opponents are members to. Overall, she is the best candidate in this race, but essentially had to build up her brand from scratch against an incumbent and a former senator, making this an Everest of uphill battles. This might be a battle she loses, but Taylor would be wise to continue the war at the local level or consider a run for Congress.

Georgia 6th District: OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT

Due to redistricting, this vacant seat is now in a heavily red district has become a feeding frenzy for congressional hopefuls spending millions. There is no incumbent to unseat as they the Democrats are competing amongst themselves in the neighboring seats.

Endorsed by Ted Cruz, ER doctor Richard McCormick is the presumed frontrunner in this race. Based on his background alone, my skepticism to his ability to deliver reforms following Covid have been justified. McCormick is a shill for the jabs—one might say pro-jab, anti-mandate. He advocated for their benefits as recently as December of 2021, he condemned the FDA’s halt of the JNJ jab, and continues to support a “benefits outweigh the risks” narrative. He also shilled for the expensive pills Big Pharma is trying to peddle—the ones that are not Ivermectin. With limited ability to legislate, the power in congress is in its subpoena authority, where it can hold accountable men like Fauci, Birx, Collins, and others. He is weak. We do not need Big Pharma shills in Congress. Full sell. Shame on Ted Cruz for backing this horse.

Supported by former speaker Newt Gingrich (whose seat this used to be) is Jake Evans, a local activist who boast an America First agenda and brands himself as a conservative trailblazer. Though young, he is an attorney and has previous experience on the state’s ethics commission. His conservative credentials are being validated on the grassroots and he has support from Rep. Dan Bishop, who has a 100% Liberty Score. Evans is the best candidate in this race. Voters should choose him.

Third in fundraising is MAGA Mom Mallory Staples, who appears to be authentic and genuinely conservative. This might not be her race to win, but Mallory Staples should continue the fight on the local level. The problem with her candidacy is that she could play as a spoiler for Evans, thus sending Pharma Shill McCormick to Washington. In politics, connections matter, and it does not appear she has the infrastructure to overcome her opponents. Nevertheless, Staples should utilize whatever movement she has crafted to effectuate change at the local level.

Blake Hardin is also running as a pro-MAGA candidate who is an outsider and business owner. He is likely a heavy underdog in this race. My largest concern is that while he campaigns a standard platform, he was a simp for Ukraine. Other than that, he does not have the endorsements or star power to propel him over the nationally backed options.


At only +4 Democrat, evicting Rep. Sanford Bishop from his seat is an ambitious prospect going into a favorable midterm cycle.

Seemingly an establishment choice, Jeremy Hunt has thrown his name into this seat. In his corner are Mike Pompeo, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and disturbingly Karl Rove to which should attract extra scrutiny. Hunt is a veteran and black family man (as Team GOP loves tokenism) and has been a correspondent with various media outlets, like Fox News and NY Post. Based on his op-eds on Fox, tokenism is a fair statement as race is the subject of most of his articles. He also served as a Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation which is likely where creatures like Karl Rove come to play. His connections have placed him as an overwhelming favorite in this race but be not surprised if he turns out to be a disappointment and pawn for the establishment.

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