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Jen Hatmaker and the Liberal Dilemma

Jen Hatmaker has been low hanging fruit for a number of years now, but she is the perfect embodiment for what I call the Liberal Dilemma. The Liberal Dilemma is a phenomenon born from memes that perfectly describes how liberals and feminist view children. The agenda that the left has directed upon children is blatant, and they have been preying on younger and younger children. Additionally, the feminist view children as valuable only so much as they are desired. So while Jen Hatmaker argues that “abortion is a choice women make for endless personal reasons” there really is only one: they don’t want it. Thus if you ask the pro-abortionist when life begins, you either get birth or viability as façade answers because humans know that women are carrying children. Only do we pretend otherwise when a mother does not want her own child. The Liberal Dilemma is that if a woman is pregnant they must choose between abortion and grooming.

While I do not know whether Jen Hatmaker has had an abortion, her blog was extremely pro-abortion. Additionally, Jen Hatmaker arguably raised her own daughter to be a lesbian. Thus a feminist like herself becomes the perfect embodiment of the Liberal Dilemma.

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