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Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette Emerges As Dr. Oz Becomes Indefensible

A month ago, the Evangelical Dark Web did a breakdown of the Pennsylvania US Senate race in which Dr. Oz was the frontrunner in a crowded field. Evangelical Dark Web endorsed Kathy Barnette as the preferred alternative to both the liberal Oz and the globalist David McCormick. (Partisan endorsements are a perk of not being a 501c3, by the way.) In the last month, amazing events transpired in which the alternative to Oz has not been McCormick, but Kathy Barnette.

Barnette has emerged as a firebrand for being the most viable conservative in the race, garnering love from pundits everywhere that aren’t super connected to Trump. But what really helped her gain was the issue of abortion. A viral video detailing how she was the product of a rape, paired with a primary debate in which she took Dr. Oz to the woodshed for being pro-abortion vaulted her to a statistical tie in the primary polling, with all of the momentum surging in her direction for next week’s primary vote.

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz has perhaps been the only thing sustaining his frontrunner status as the activists have largely rejected him.

Fake Christian, homosexual, Richard Grenell tweeted his support for Dr. Oz by promoting a poorly spliced hit video on Kathy Barnette created by a YouTube account with 16 subs. This is not the first time he was taken to attacking Christians in the Republican Party, as he actively seeks to make it socially liberal. His support of Oz might have been a gift to the Barnette campaign at this point.

Allie Beth Stuckey sums up the problem quite well. There is no discernable difference between Dr. Oz and a Democrat, based on a well documented record. Republicans like Richard Grenell who was a token homosexual in the Trump administration who is ultimately choosing trangendering children as a hill to die on and anyone to the right of him is “radical.”

This race matters as it is symbolic of whether the Republican Party will be a mere opposition party or a party that actually believes in something. Thus, Evangelical Dark Web is doubling down in it’s support for Kathy Barnette.

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