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The Pro-Life Movement Must Choose: Justice or Feminism

The widespread betrayal many are noticing for the first time on the pro-life movement is part of something Evangelical Dark Web has been warning about for at least a year, an has been a major component of our pro-life content. In addition to many of the same organizations that opposed efforts to challenge Roe v Wade, they came out opposing punishing women who murder their own children in the womb. The internalized feminism that both denies women’s culpability and agency and raises a victim banner around the primary culprit.

As stated in my response to Denny Burk 42.3% of abortions are performed with a drug called mifepristone. Over the last two years the rapid growth in telehealth likely corresponded with a similar growth in tele-abortion in which an online consultation could result in a mifepristone prescription. In 2021, the Biden administration opened the gates to prescribing abortion pills online. That would reduce the abortionist from hitman to arms dealer. The mother would be the clear murderer here, unless you are a feminist.

Justice dictates that if we believe that life begins at conception then the intention ending of that life is murder. If abortion is murder, then the same rules for homicide must apply. But the pro-life industry wants to make an exception. This deviation from the logical conclusion means that somewhere along the line there is a split. The split occurs at murder. As analogized yesterday, the pro-life industry, Big Baby, believes that abortion is vice, not murder. Their end goal for the movement is to initiate a war on abortion much like the war on drugs. This would certainly perpetuate their funding post criminalization.

But while the upper echelons of the movement are run by grifters, we at the grassroots have a distinct decision to make. We can either continue down the path of feminism that people like Steven Crowder have chosen or we can choose justice and the moral consistency that comes with it.

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5 Responses

  1. Yep. This is another case where the “trot out the toddler” strategy works. If the mother was killing her toddler for the same reasons no one would consider her a victim. So it is the same thing for the child in the womb.

    1. Uh, we want fewer Jewish children to be slaughtered, so I think that makes us pro-Semites. (I assume the commenter was being sarcastic or is a troll.)

  2. “Fewer Jewish children to be slaughtered”.
    Yeah, and ask the Christians living in the Gaza Strip what they think of their plight.
    Evangelical Protestants have this long standing bromance with Zionism. Funny thing is, it’s not reciprocated.
    Interesting that Pew Research has studies showing that the majority of American Jews vote for the DNC, and vote for and support progressive candidates and policies like abortion and sodomy, while having animus and contempt for the very evangelicals Protestants that carry their water. Totally mind numbing.

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