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Francis Collins

Major Cringe: Phil Vischer and Francis Collins Perform Duet

The 2021 Church Villain of the Year has resurfaced singing a duet with Phil Vischer, the Veggie Tales guy who so happens to be pro-groomer. Francis Collins, the former director of the NIH who funded gain of function research that led to coronavirus, has been hailed as a hero in the church by false teachers everywhere, notably Tim Keller.

In a massive display of cringe, the two sing a son that begins with about a minute of passionate stroking of egos, touting Collins’ supposedly extensive resume. Then the song has about a verse of content about how the Bible and The Science aren’t really at odds, alluding to the teachings of Biologos, the channel that published the video.

The first chorus ends with a return to the proverbial circle jerk in which Phil Vischer pokes fun at the idea that Francis Collins and Bill Gates created the virus in a bathtub to ultimately take away humanity’s freedom. Though that is not the truth, it certainly is not as far as the two would have you think.

Biologos put this video on YouTube on May 2nd. According to Woke Preacher Clips the video was recorded a day prior to Megan Basham publishing her piece exposing Francis Collins and his negative influence on the church.

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  1. Sounds like a branch covidian worship service. We keep hearing such wonderful things about how the agency was run under him. In typical mainstream Christian fashion, he doesn’t come to an agreement with his adversary on the way to the judge, but rather leaves it to the judge to issue FOIA orders so we can find out what he was up to.

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