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Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Arkansas, Montana, Iowa: Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs Doc Washburn, Ryan Zinke

As demonstrated in Pennsylvania, attention at the grassroots level in state primaries has national impact. Donald Trump, Rick Grenell, Ted Cruz, Mike Flynn, and a variety of other characters (good and bad), seek to play kingmaker in GOP primaries, and each has an agenda—nefarious or otherwise.


Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is considered prudent. Proverbs 17:28

Outgoing Governor Asa Hutchinson might be a decently regarded governor, provided he just kept his lips sealed. The legislators of Arkansas have led the way in pushing necessary conservative legislation only for Hutchinson to issue vetoes or come out after the fact against the legislation he signed. He promotes bible verses on Twitter but supports a parent’s right to transgender their child. This is what a fake Christian politician looks like.

Former Trump press secretary and daughter to a political dynasty, Sarah Huckabee Sanders hopes to capitalize on these factors to become the next Arkansas governor. Aside from that, she sites her experience in the Bush Administration’s Department of Education and as a campaign manager for the ONE Campaign, which is Bono’s (U2) infamous scam charity. Why that is on her bio section is beyond comprehension. Huckabee-Sanders is a shill for Trump’s jab, going so far as to write an op-ed brownnosing Operation Warp Speed and pressuring people to get jabbed by stating (falsely) that they were more likely to get/die from Covid based on YTD (through July 2021) data. It was a lie then. It is a lie now, as the triple jabbed are the leading vectors of Covid. Make no mistake, this woman is the establishment. She has all the endorsements from the Arkansas senators, the CPAC crowd, and the national GOP apparatus. Huckabee Sanders even endorses RINO’s like globalist shill David McCormick in Pennsylvania. While she might govern better than Hutchinson, she is establishment GOP. Say no to dynastical politics.

Challenging the RINO Establishment is Doc Washburn, a Little Rock talk show host and political outsider. The covid lockdowns and mandates appear to be a primary motivator for his gubernatorial run, as that is his number one issue. Washburn has been reliable on Covid, not being a hack for the narrative like his opponent. He has addressed lifesaving drugs denied by our government, VAER’s data, and even called out Franklin Graham for being a clot-shot lap dog. Unlike Dan Bongino, Doc Washburn took a stand against Cumulus Radio, eventually being terminated for refusing the jab. Whether on issues of homosexuality or abortion, Washburn has not been afraid to punch at those on the right. He is like a Steve Deace or Daniel Horowitz in his approach, critiquing the right more than owning the libs in his podcasts. He has discussed issues like Ukrainian warmongering, 2000 Mules, and January 6. He is definitely the solid conservative in this race. Voters should reject the establishment option and choose Washburn instead.

Montana 1st District: NEW REPUBLICAN SEAT

Coming in with a Trump endorsement in his aspiring return to Congress is former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. On a surface level, Zinke is quite the swamp creature and career politician despite lack of longevity in office. He has many connections, and this embattled his tenure as secretary as there were allegations of ethics violations concerning his Montana land deal which he orchestrated with Haliburton in his hometown of Whitefish. Long story short, he owned land within the vicinity which stood to profit from this deal going through. Furthermore, he was known for meeting with lobbyist during his brief tenure. For this reason and others, he resigned in disgrace in January of 2019. Politico recently reported that he spends most of his time in California, where his wife has residence, rather than in Montana, so there are credible allegations that he is a carpetbagger. Zinke is not going to be a populist, conservative icon. That much is self-evident, though this is not to say he is socially liberal, as he seems reticent on social issues. While he might be pro-drilling and energy independence, the primary concern is that he is interested in profiting off the spoils of public service.

Dr. Al Olszewski, a medical surgeon has thrown his name into the ring raising the second largest of the field as of 12/31. This guy is solid. His candidacy was announced at the headquarters of the Flathead Liberty Coalition, which is a pro-second amendment club which vehemently advocated against lockdowns. Moreover, he has associated with the Yellowstone Militia. Previously, Olszewski ran for governor, losing his primary with 19% of the vote and faced similar results in his quest for the senate in Montana. Though to most Americans he probably comes across as nutty, this guy would be a firebrand in Congress, and it appears he has a solid base of voters and name recognition from previous cycles.


Kim Reynolds has been a staunch conservative in her governance of Iowa, impressing even local activist like Steve Deace and earning a 2 spot on Gubernatorial Power Rankings 2021. Her star power has earned her the SOTU rebuttal though to me she gave lackluster performance. Needless to say, Iowa is an important state in the Midwest, yet its congressional representation is made up primarily of RINO’s. Career politicians like Chuck Grassley go challenged by longshots like Jim Carlin, who appears solid from a distance, but will unlikely succeed because of incumbency advantage.


Now a +4 Republican leaning district, removing Cindy Axne from Washington should be a given going into this midterm cycle.

Leading the race in funding is Zach Nunn, a veteran and current state representative. Nunn is endorsed by Dan Crenshaw and Mike Pompeo. The former endorsement and subsequent campaign propaganda is all the research one requires. He is another in a long series of Republican candidates using military service as intrinsic qualification for public office. It is not. Though there are great veterans across America, many of the worst have a propensity to end up in politics. This applies even at the local level, as I can personally attest. Doubtless, Nunn would continue this tradition. Reject the RINO.

A believer in the American Dream, Nicole Hasso is the primary challenger to Nunn in this race. Hasso brands herself as a black woman from Chicago who overcame the odds and refused to be defined by her zip code. In this race, she is likely the only conservative. When asked in a debate whether all abortion should be illegal, only her hand rose while her two male opponents clutched their podiums. Look no further. While Nunn will not get it done, there is no hassle with Hasso. Look no further.

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  1. There is a third candidate running in the third district. Gary Leffler, he goes to me church and although touts being the most pro trump, he opposes the vaccine stuff trump promotes. He doesn’t have the establishments support and lacks the same financial support as the others. I’ll be voting for Gary.

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