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Is Liberty University Going Woke?

It’s no secret that it has been a rough last couple of years for Liberty University, in large part due to the fallout of Jerry Falwell Jr. in his swinger scandal. Additionally, both he and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA would have their namesake, the, Falkirk Center, renamed to the Standing For Freedom Center. However, with new leadership and the establishment of a diversity department, it’s worth questioning whether Liberty University is in the early stages of a woke takeover.

Experienced in bringing “diversity” to corporate America, Shon Muldrow is the Executive Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at Liberty University, which he calls a dream job for being able to merge his experience with faith. In an article he wrote in April, he wrote:

Liberty’s Board of Trustees adopted an important Resolution on Equity and Inclusion in Fall 2018, acknowledging the centrality of “fostering a diverse, co-educational student body and an inclusive educational environment reflective of the Body of Christ” as well as the need to utilize proactive measures to recruit, retain, and support highly qualified and diverse students and professionals.

2018 was around the time when “everything was racist” to provide context as to how unwise the decision was back then. Moreover adoption of Critical Race Theory buzzwords denotes an acceptance of their definitions and premises.

It’s important that we Train Champions for Christ from every nation, tribe, people, and language. The division recognizes diversity in its pursuit and support of people from varied ethnicities, nationalities, socioeconomic and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, disabilities, military statuses, and ages.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion aims to make Liberty University look like the universal church, something a college in Lynchburg, Virginia cannot due any more than a local church. The ambition is hubris draped in idyllic language. The Office of Equity and Inclusion states that one of its purposes is to “Provide training, support, and community-building opportunities for leadership, faculty, staff, and students utilizing the most up to date content on diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies.” The most up to date diversity training is most assuredly woke, just as it is elsewhere in the private sector.

Additionally, there is the LEAD Fellowship, a diversity training scholarship program that provides up to $3500 a semester to residential students. Students in the program have to attend various trainings and lectures in the course of a semester.

Human Resource departments have often been characterized as the beachhead that enabled corporate America to go woke and to subsidize decadence. In Liberty University, this trend continues.

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  1. This is another form of the Pope’s ecumenical movement and the Liberation Theology of the Jesuits and Marxism. Counter Reformation is hard at work for world dominance.

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