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it's not gonna lick itself

Alex Stein Confronts Groomers and Pedophiles After Texas Gay Bar Hosts Drag Show For Children

This Saturday, a gay bar in Dallas Texas hosted a drag show for children, that advertised letting children also perform. The event was made widely known by Libs of TikTok and conservative reporters went to expose the event. Among them were master troll Alex Stein and Taylor Henson.

Taylor Hanson was able to attain access to record what went on in the event which included pedophile transvestites taking dollar bills from children and performing with a neon sign that read, “It’s not gonna lick itself!” in the background. 

Police stood outside the event making zero arrest for the lewd and lascivious behavior in front of extremely young children. Dressing in drag is a homosexual fetish whereby a man cross-dresses as a sexual caricature of a woman.

After the event, Alex Stein channeled his inner Chris Hansen and confronted the child groomer.

John Doyle was also confronting parents at the scene.


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