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Christian Publishing Company Pushes Pride Month Reading List

Eerdmans Publishing has been evidently woke for some time. The faith-based publisher that has worked with NT Wright, William Lane Craig, and several others has promoted a Pride Month reading list. Their initial tweet promoting the got ratio’d resulting in deletion, but Eerdmans Publishing decided to double down on celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism.

Most gay-affriming websites do not go out of their way to spell “Pride Month” in rainbow font, but this woke company went above and beyond its counterparts in celebrating the worldly festivities. The reading list contains several homosexuality and transgenderism affirming books by professing Christians that are either lesbian or transvestite.

On Twitter they reposted their thread with an explanation.

These tweets are tactically cunning as they look to twist 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 against those who are calling out unsound practices.

Eerdmans Publishing then tries to claim that they are a platform for publishing books. The past few years of Big Tech debates have made the distinction between publishers and platforms widely known. Andrew Torba is not responsible for posts on Gab because he created a free speech platform. Eerdmans Publishing in sharp contrast prints and sells books for profit. They therefore have greater responsibility for the content they are profiting from because they are a publisher, not a platform. If they print something libelous, they can be sued.

Eerdmans Publishing concludes the thread stating their support for homosexuality and transgenderism.


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