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Fox News Promotes Grooming, Transgenderism

On Friday, Fox News aired a segment which promoted a family that groomed their five year old daughter to become a boy. Now a teenager, the family is using their fourteen year old to promote parents accepting and raising their children to be transvestites.

According to the segment on Fox News, this family’s daughter Ryland knew that she was a boy as early as she could talk. It’s worth noting that children talk before they are two years old. At five their daughter came out as “transgender” and the parents reluctantly accepted. Given that the girl in now fourteen, this would have happened around 2013, well after transgenderism became part of the homosexual agenda. The southern California white family embranced their child’s delusion. Additionally, they claimed that their “conservative faith” led them to believe that “God made Ryland trans.”

The parents promote the delusion that accepting transgenderism lowers the chances of suicide despite the fact that post operation transvestites do not have a lower suicide rate.

Fox News promoted this segment as part of their celebration of Pride Month, calling the segment a “celebration of courage” to break down people’s fears of what they “don’t understand.” This occurred on America’s Newsroom.

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  1. I periodically follow some alternative news sources.
    Fox is six of one/half a dozen with any other mainstream news source, IMO. Someone needs to tell their middle-age female journalists to stop dressing like young women. The great preacher and church father, St John Chrysostom, preached a powerful homily on this very thing in the late 4th century.

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