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May 2022 EDW Report

Every month, Evangelical Dark Web publishes a monthly report. Although this report is late, it is not without activity. May was an action packed month, with the most important event likely being the Sex Abuse Task Force Report and the sham that this process largely was. June is and will continue to be an action packed month. This week, the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 takes place. Evangelical Dark Web will be producing a livestream commentary of the convention featuring guest panelist. It will be a Rekieta style livestream of an otherwise mundane and frustrating event. The goal will be outreach to those casually interested in Spiritual Warfare and ecclesiastical struggles.

Quick Stats


While May was a considerably poor month for subscriber growth, it was a great month for view counts and hours watched. Towards the end of the month, we saw the stagnation in subscriber growth from the beginning of the month transition into a growth stretch.

Outside of the SBC22 livestreams, not many livestreams are planned this month because of the external obligations of the team.


After publishing our research on David Jeremiah, we have not begun the next project, which will be Rich Wilkerson Jr. of VOUS Church. This should not take as long, but at the moment, there is little time to devote to this in such a a busy news month. In the meantime, you can continue to make requests here where they will be tabulated.

The Future of Christian News

Evangelical Dark Web is positioning itself to be the future of Christian news, given how compromised publications like Christianity Today and how celebrity promoting a publication like Christian Post is. We see a demand for Christian news that does not promote celebrity culture and provides hard-hitting commentary on events that matter.

“Patreon” System

Evangelical Dark Web has a tier subscription service. A lot of competitors have this (a term of endearment in this case) and for good reason. The purpose of this is not to make the founder of this site rich. This is a labor of love and will remain that way. Rather the purpose of this is to build a war chest. I have great admiration for what people like Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter are doing in supporting a new decentralized infrastructure for the church to navigate the fallen institutions all around us and crafting professional documentaries telling important stories. Consider joining. This will allow access to all the Evangelical Dark Web has to offer, like polls for the next discernment verdict.

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It's not about the money. It's about supporting the mission in contending for the faith against false doctrines. Consider becoming a member of the Evangelical Dark Web. If you aren't willing, comfortable, or able to, that's cool. And if you still like our content, at least subscribe to the newsletter below.
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