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Voddie Baucham

SBC22: Voddie Baucham Rejected By Pastors Conference

The Pastors Conference of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of SBC22, kicked off on Monday with a much anticipated voted on whether Voddie Baucham would become the Pastors Conference President.

Voddie Baucham would lose decisively in a ballot vote. 1,357 ballots were cast. 608 for 44.8% and 690 for 50.8%. 59 votes were disallowed 4.4%

Most conservatives had little knowledge of Dickard but apparent Tweets touting the woke pastor who was kept from being hired at FBC Naples are telling.

There is an apparent dispute about what the rules are for the Pastors Conference. The Conservative Baptist Network claimed that eligible messengers were denied the ability to vote because they weren’t pastors, thus denying Voddie Baucham. They support this claim by stating that the Pastors Conference has no official bylaws, so there are no grounds for denying attendants rules.

Others point out how the ballots had the rule that only pastors could vote and that this was not the first year some sort of restriction on voting eligibility has been the case. And that is before claims of fraudulent tabulation.

Daniel Dickard having won will give the sermon at next year’s Annual Southern Baptist Convention.


Evangelical Dark Web predicted that Voddie Baucham would win. The alleged floor vote majority led to allegations of impropriety after the ballots were counted. But in any case, the Conservative Baptist Network suffered a loss. And this loss does not bode well for the upcoming fights.

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