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The World Economic Forum and the ERLC Go Way Back

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission was the first Southern Baptist Cooperative Program entity to become noticeably compromised. But much of these issues arose under the leadership of Russell Moore. While it could be stated that NAMB’s ambitions towards the takeover of state conventions has been ongoing for over a decade, the compromise of the ERLC may have had some nefarious outside elements predating the Great Commission Resurgence.


Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations tweeted out an image of Richard Land with a bag from the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum is a heavily influential group of elites who want to institute a Great Reset in which we will own nothing and be happy.

Walking around with supervillain swag is not the only emerging red flag with a reevaluation of Richard Land’s legacy as longtime head of the ERLC. Evangelical Dark Web noted how Land was rather weak on the issue of abortion even advising an abortion under a dubious life of the mother situation and supporting Brent Leatherwood’s opposition to pro-life legislation.

It would turn out that Richard Land would participate in the World Economic Forum back in 2006, according to the ERLC. At the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022, Land would speak against abolishing the ERLC.

Land claims he’s kept using the briefcase for witnessing purposes as well as quality.

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  1. In Acts I don’t remember anyone laying their money at the feet of Caesar and the senate, which is what the WEF is all about. Any organization who’s main star, nicknamed the prophet, says (paraphrase), “we used to think that humans had a soul or a spirit, something outside the body that gave them free will. We now know that’s not true, humans are a hackable animal.” How a Christian can mingle with people like this is beyond me. They can’t claim ignorance either, it’s not hard to do minimal research and come across some very alarming values the WEF espouses, and leadership in any organization knows who they’re working with. Extremely suspicious.

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