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Russell Moore, Christianity Today Believe Juneteenth Is Theologically Significant

The newest federal holiday, Juneteenth, was just celebrated on the same day as Father’s Day in the United States. Christianity Today has published a slate of articles on Juneteenth that at best promote Juneteenth as being part of a Hallmark Church calendar in which the church preaches on a secular holiday, like Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and New Years. Christianity Today would ignore Fathers Day in favor of Juneteenth.

Christianity Today published an article using Juneteenth to promote gun control stating:

When it comes to gun reform, we must ask if we truly care for young people in ways that prevent the cycle from continuing. This Juneteenth, I hope to see a plurality of voices speaking out in a singularity of purpose—with one goal, one aim, one mission—to find a cure for our nation’s “gundemic” and especially to free Black communities from its terrorizing grasp.

When gun violence makes national headlines and shakes local communities, all Christians have a moral duty to respond. And I am pleased that over 800 religious leaders from across the country have signed a letter asking for action from Congress on gun violence.

A more benign article seeks more of a Hallmark endgame. Then Russell Moore moderated a woke webinar stating that:

For American Christians, it’s an opportunity to give thanks for our nation’s progress while also meditating on the change still necessary for us to truly act justly, love mercy, and reflect the unity and diversity of God’s heavenly kingdom.

A holiday commemorating the United State overcoming slavery, and at great cost, is not a bad thing, but our culture seems largely interested in turning this holiday into Kwanzaa in June. This will be interesting to watch to see whether Juneteenth becomes an annual woke tradition infiltrating the church.

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