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An Unapologetic Celebration of Roe’s Overturn

For the Christian, there is only one correct response to the official overturn and that is rejoice. God has shown mercy on the United States in the midst of our drastic decline as a nation and the economic upheaval we are facing. Abortion is undoubtedly the worst collective sin in our nation’s history and there is not a close second. The widespread, systemic, and industrialized baby slaughter in our country has led to countless casualties. In one day, abortion is now illegal in over half a dozen states within hours of Roe and Casey no longer being the law of the land.

We are witnessing the most monumental political victory of Christians in American history. Yet, there are those concerned about the fallout from abortion being illegal. Liberals like Karen Swallow Prior can lament the upcoming struggles of adoption, “unwanted pregnancies”, and poor people having kids all she wants, but that does not change how unbecoming of a Christian this response is. The spiritual implication of dismantling the Moloch worshipping establishment far exceeds the need for society to placate the worries of women who would otherwise sacrifice their own children.

As a Christian, I will not apologize for believing that an preborn infant is a person. Nor will I apologize for believing that this person is entitled to the inalienable God-given right to life. And I certainly won’t back down from acknowledging that women commit murder when procuring an abortion, and will be accountable for such apart from the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

This is a time to celebrate, to scoff at the Moloch worshippers, to arm up with a concealed carry permit (which SCOTUS delivered a W on this week) in case we are in for another “summer of love,” and most of all give thanks to the One who orchestrated it all.

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4 Responses

  1. Yes, time to celebrate less abortions and more gun rights. It was a great couple of days. Ghouls like Pryor are sad that there will be less abortions. Typical.

  2. You bring up a good point about culpability in murder
    when choosing abortions, and the ramifications of being unrepentant. Too much soft peddling and fence straddling out there today.
    Abortion is, and should be, a non-negotiable with anyone who claims to follow Christ.

  3. As Sunday comes to a close, not nearly the violence and protests I expected. It’s possible, rather probable, abortion isn’t as popular as they’d have us believe. I shy away from seeing Satan around every corner and demons in every non-Christian, but seeing the insane anger of those protestors when cameras are in their face… wow

    1. Could be that it was too hot outside or that the strategic Friday news dump prevented more rioting. Or maybe they are too vaccine injured to riot.

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