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Karen Swallow Prior

Making Abortion Unimaginable Is An Unbiblical Goal

It seems counterintuitive for someone who is pro-life to argue that making abortion unimaginable or unnecessary is unbiblical. Yet we can never forget that words have meaning. Unimaginable denotes the inability to conceive of the idea. Unnecessary denotes that abortion is otherwise necessary. Unbiblical means having no basis in Scripture or truth.


She would go on to write in her New York Times Column:

Even so, making abortion unthinkable might start with the law, but it won’t end there. For it is not only the supply of abortion that matters but also the demand. I lament the impoverishment of a social imagination that cannot conceive of a world in which women can flourish without abortion.

The Gospel Coalition would follow this line of thinking in their own feminist article misapplying Hebrews 4:15 on this issue:

Like Christ, the church must be able to sympathize with the weakness of abortion-minded women if we’re going to walk with them toward life-giving decisions. What can Hebrews 4:15 teach us about sympathizing with women considering an abortion?

There are numerous problems with this line of thinking. Hebrews 4:15 speaks about temptation not fallen sinful desires. Thus, temptation is an external phenomenon, not an internal drive. The desires to murder your own child in order to cover up sin, advance a career, or maintain an “undamaged” figure are not what Hebrews 4:15 is speaking to. Rather, it speaks to the availability of infanticide. Having a Planned Parenthood in your town and the easily accessible prescription of mifepristone are the temptations that foster these sinful desires. The availability of sin and the ease of which said sin can be committed are the driving factors of temptation. Look no further than the sin of phonography for proof of this.

Yet The Gospel Coalition and feminists will posit that we can make it so that women will not want to chose to murder their own babies. The kind of support that they advocate are welfare programs that redistribute wealth to presumably pregnant women, single moms, and low income families. Nevermind our society has these programs already, the Karen Swallow Priors of the world demand more from the pro-life movement. Many conservatives have rightly called this theft. Yet I want to point out how the stated goal is wicked, not just the means to accomplish the ends.

The type of society in which murdering an unborn child is unimaginable is utopian. After mankind’s fall all sin became conceivable; thus why Romans 1:30 calls us inventors of evil. Cain, the first murderer, lived in a world where murder was unprecedented but evidently conceivable. What Karen Swallow Prior, Beth Moore, Russell Moore and other feminists subverting the pro-life movement are asking for is impossible. A world where murder is unimaginable can only happy after Jesus returns in glory. Trying to accomplish that which Jesus is promised to accomplish is trying to be like God. The pursuit of utopia is thus Satanic in its origins and disastrous in its practice.

The end game of the pro-life movement is to criminalize abortion. All those who attempt or succeed to kill an unborn child should face justice. The Bible prescribes execution for murderers in each of the first five books of the Bible. Clearly the Bible prescribes a remedy for sin without implying that said sin can be systemically overcome. The pro-life movement is about removing temptations, not upending human desire.

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