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David Platt

David Platt Wins. Lawsuit Against McLean Bible Church Dismissed.

Last summer McLean Bible Church became embroiled in a leadership dispute over bylaw violations that resulted in the church approving a slate of elders. The dispute led to a lawsuit filed by the dissenting church members. At the time, Evangelical Dark Web reported:

David Platt is one of the most prominent pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention. The Big Eva golden boy finished his tenure at heading the International Mission Board to take a job at a megachurch in Northern Virginia. Since then the church has been in disarray that has climaxed in recent weeks. On July 15th a complaint was filed in court alleging that McLean Bible Church violated its own bylaws to bar certain members from voting on elder candidates.

In congregationalist church polity, the confirmation of pastors can be a contentious ordeal. After all, it drives the future direction of a church. McLean Bible Church has been reportedly hemorrhaging members by its woke trajectory. McLean Bible Church had three elders up for a vote by a congregation at once. The initial vote on these three failed during a meeting on June 30th, a Wednesday. But during the Sunday worship service on July 18th, they conducted a second vote.

Almost a year later, the lawsuit would be dismissed by a court in Fairfax, Virginia, last Friday. The Facebook group, Save McLean Bible Church posted this in light of their setback.

At the same time across town in a Fairfax courtroom, Judge David Bernhard, even after a mountain of evidence, decided with McLean Bible Church to throw out the case. MBC pushed this motion to a hearing before depositions were to start next week. While this may seem that corruption has won the day, God was not taken by surprise. He will not be mocked. He knows the TRUTH. We wait and pray for HIS direction.

David Platt wins the day, and his slate of elders can continue the current trajectory of the church. McLean Bible Church has been under a lot of scrutiny for its apparent liberal drift. Whistleblower, Salvador Cordova, documented the churches sharp attendance decline as David Platt went woke and embraced Branch Covidianism. The failure of the lawsuit leaves little ability to reform McLean Bible Church.

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