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The SBC Wants To Die On Redefining Adultery

There are many hills for the Christian to die on, standing firm on God’s word. But for the denomination that doesn’t know what a pastor is, redefining what adultery is a hill to die on for the Southern Baptist Convention. Last week the Southern Baptist Convention went on an all out character assassination attempt on Megan Basham for her June 14th article about the SBC embracing MeToo. This largely surrounded questioning the survivor status of Jennifer Lyell.

Many big names in the Southern Baptist Convention have already come out in renewed support of Lyell. Three seminary presidents: Al Mohler, Adam Greenway, and Danny Akin all tweeted their support. Bart Barber tweeted his support and so did a host of lesser figures in the denomination. But the denomination solidified its position already when the SBC passed Resolution 6 naming Jennifer Lyell as an abuse survivor.

Now, Jennifer Lyell is not an abuse survivor. She was a 26 year old woman having sex with a seminary professor over the course of 12 years as she climbed up the corporate ladder within the Southern Baptist Convention. As a Lifeway executive, she held more sway over his career than he ever could over hers. The SBC would pay her over $1 million dollars.

Rachael Denhollander, her lawyer against the SEB Executive Committee, stands to make a lot of money keeping this grift alive. With SBC polity dead, it is a feast for crows, and by crows I mean lawyers, on the SBC corpse.

Therefore, any attempts to question or otherwise impede Rachael Denhollander’s ambulance chasing grift must be quashed with extreme prejudice.

Something 99.99% of people would have called adultery 10 years ago must now be categorized as grooming and abuse because the SBC has embraced feminism as a liberal denomination.

Jennifer Lyell can unrepentantly build a reputation as a survivor of sex abuse while David Sills is falsely maligned as an abuser.

Yet very few are calling this out. The Conservative Baptist Network, spokesperson, Brad Jurkovich Rod Martin, and Michael O’Fallon (whom I’m not sure is SBC) all have. Tom Ascol is reticent, perhaps viewing his loosely related column as enough. And then too many are trying to “score points” over the Tom and Jen Buck  Karengate scandal.

The SBC is redefining the 7th Commandment to fit a feminist and profiteering agenda, and even most of the conservative Southern Baptists are going along with it. But rest assured, playing with the Ten Commandments as a hill to die on will also be a hill to be buried under.

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