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Christ or Chaos 2: Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Elon Musk

The latest Evangelical Dark Web stream on Christ or Chaos tackles some of the most influential secular figures in or on the periphery of the conservative movement in the United States, as well as abroad. The three figures inspiring the conversation were Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Elon Musk. In the stream, we tackle them in reverse order.

Elon Musk recently reneged on his offer to buy Twitter which looks to result in a lengthy court battle. Elon Musk is publicly confident on why he backed out, but when Musk bought Twitter for the influence rather than the exact book value, there are reasons to question Musk’s resolve to fight for free speech.

Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson did a podcast on gay parenting recently in which Dave Rubin egotistically claimed to be a hero to conservatives. It’s obvious that he’s not.

The Evangelical Dark Web recently published a piece examining the influence of Jordan Peterson which was the impetus for this stream. Team Evangelical Dark Web discusses the article live.

Lastly we examine whether Joe Rogan belongs in this shortlist.

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