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Cringe: Christian Post Claims Moral Obligation To Defend Israel

Zionism is a cringeworthy byproduct of bad theology and worse history. Scott Phillips, a Christian Post contributor wrote a piece condemning the PCUSA’s declaration opposing Israel as an “apartheid state” that has terrible underlying theology and implicit legalism. Let’s start with the concluding sentence:

As Christians, we have a moral obligation to stand up solidly for a Jewish State where Jews can feel safe and secure.

No, we don’t. There is nothing obligatory nor aspirational about sustaining the nation-state of Israel. Majority of Christian history was spent trying to Christianize the Holy Land not hand it over to secular Jews. The Christian has no mandate in Scripture to support a nation-state for a pagan religion.

The PCUSA has taken a pro-Palestinian stance, which naturally would lead to them calling Israel an apartheid state. While these are not the criticisms, I would levy against a tyrannical and licentious nation, to each their own. However, criticizing Israel is not antiemetic.

A declaration of Israel as an apartheid state by a prominent Christian church does nothing to realize this peace. Instead, it undercuts the opportunity for peaceful coexistence and betrays our providential calling to be “pro-humanity.”

Peace cannot be achieved through lies, and Phillips does nothing to seriously address the claims the PCUSA makes. The PCUSA could very well be wrong, I certainly believe they are, but this article resorts to ad hominem attacks instead.

By effectively accusing the entire Jewish homeland of similar evils as those perpetrated by the Nazis or the apartheid government of South Africa, the PCUSA opens the door for antisemitic hate to live on in the United States.

Out of all the regimes in the Middle East, none resembled the Nazi regime more than Israel’s government with their harsh lockdowns and mass vaccination program.

Scott Phillips then goes on to cite the Marxist Anti-Defamation League to justify his concern before concluding:

It is a poison that the Jewish people have had to deal with for generations. As Christians, we need to be building systems of support to help our Jewish brothers and sisters combat antisemitism. And this is especially true in our churches, where antisemitism has often gone unchallenged.

Antisemitism, including anti-Israel bias, has no place in our churches. It is immoral and should be routinely rejected by Church leaders and community members. The Church cannot go around the wagon on this again. As Christians, we have a moral obligation to stand up solidly for a Jewish State where Jews can feel safe and secure.

Calling Jewish people our brothers and sisters denotes a confidence in their salvation despite not having Christ. He then equates antisemitism with criticizing Israel, declaring it immoral. This is legalism. The Christian has no obligation to stand up for the highly secular nation state of Israel. The American should not have more loyalty to Israel than their own homeland. This is putting an unworthy nation on a loft pedestal which should be outright rejected.

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