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The Plot Thickens With This Correction

In the interest of full transparency and accountability, I wanted to provide an update on a story we curated last week, in which the curated information has since proven inaccurate, albeit because what actually happened was even worse. But nonetheless the story of a 10 year old girl crossing state lines to get an abortion from rape did happen and it appears the abortionist, the original source for the story, is now being investigated for not reporting to the police.

The facts of the story are an illegal immigrant was arrested in connection to this story, and an abortionist is under investigation for not reporting to the proper authorities. Neither one of these facts promote the pro-abortion agenda that was initially peddled. The illegal immigration detail is a reminder of sexual crime, all too often committed against minors, conducted by illegal aliens. And the abortionist’s complicity is yet a reminder of the corruption of the abortion industry.

While the narrative of the initial story was debunked, the story itself though initially reported without verification, did turn out to be true.

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