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Respect of “Marriage” Act Passes Congress, GOP Drifts Leftward

On July 19, 2022, Congress passed the “Respect of Marriage Act” by a vote of 267-157, with 47 republicans joining the democrats in recognizing homosexual “marriage” at the federal level. HR 8404 would be a formal repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and would serve as a bludgeon against any states who would attempt to push back on gay “marriage” following the Dobbs decision, as bold men like Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas opened the door to overturning Obergefell.

The bill’s profile page states the following description:

The bill also repeals and replaces provisions that do not require states to recognize same-sex marriages from other states with provisions that prohibit the denial of full faith and credit or any right or claim relating to out-of-state marriages on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin…The bill allows the Department of Justice to bring a civil action and establishes a private right of action for violations.

Congress’s attempt is to codify Obergefell into federal law by prohibiting states from refusing to recognize sodomitical relationships as marriage. Democrats will gaslight to say that this is also about protecting inter-racial marriage, an issue only on the fringes. Aside from the basic premise of this bill, the more disturbing element is that the Department of Justice would be able to seek legal recourse against state clerks and other officials who dare refuse to issue marriage licenses to that which is not marriage. Even if no one is found guilty, the DOJ could still encumber an individual’s autonomy with the full weight of Uncle Sam behind them.

Based on the support in the House, it is likely that this will become law as senators like Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Portman, and Graham all get behind it (or vis versa).

Liberal Drift is Real

The sanctity of marriage is important to the stability of our society. Therefore, the violation of this sanctity through liberal legislatures and the Supreme Court has destabilized our culture. It was never about “love” or “any two people” but always about the underlying agenda. The slippery slope from gay “marriage” was always going to target children because the Rainbow Jihad is not interested in society’s tolerance, but its embrace. It is not enough to have this “right.” Everyone must support and celebrate it. Those who do not are subject to scorn and persecuted by the state. They do not want anyone even thinking that the idea of two dudes playing house is repugnant. They do not want anyone even thinking homosexuality is disgusting. It is wrongthink. It cannot be tolerated.

Thus we must continue to defend marriage, even while a majority of society and even republicans embrace it, for the GOP can never win another election without Christian support. We do not need a majority, only a vocal minority will suffice.

Unfortunately, the issue of this bill is not one even being considered at the state level. While the door to overturning rights enacted by the activists judges via substantive due process are on the table, none have imparted to take up the fight. In his recent Verdict episode, Ted Cruz articulated while he still believes in the proper definition of marriage, it would be too “chaotic” to do something about it at this point in time, just as it would be too chaotic to overturn Roe and return abortion to the states or slavery for that matter.

House Republican Traitors

Below are the 47 republican representatives who voted for homosexual “marriage” protections at the federal level which I have cross referenced with other legislation these people have voted on as well as their current Liberty Score as of 7/20. The average Liberty Score is an abysmal 61%, with the two highest being Cammack (FL) with a 94% and House Freedom Caucus leader Perry (PA) with an 88% being the only two greater than 80%. As the Liberty Scores suggest, social conservatism correlates with fiscal conservatism.

23 of the 47 also voted for a National Vaccine Database (a bill that has gone nowhere in the Senate), but all 47 voted to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia.

One of the trends with this vote was the states themselves these congressmen represented. With few exceptions, the Deep South was largely on the Nay side of this vote, with Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina absent from this list. Though Gonzales of Texas voted in favor, even Dan Crenshaw passed up this opportunity. Liberal states like California and New York had their republicans come out in support, demonstrating that they either fear removal for taking a stand or that they have drifted along with the culture. Surprisingly, Kevin McCarthy stood for something and even Young Kim voted Nay. Lastly, there are the representatives from Utah, who in large part both favored vaccine databases and gay mirage. Burgess Owens is a black freshman in Congress and is revealing himself to be a disappointment. Utah is supposedly a conservative state.

On an individual basis, I have highlighted certain details pertinent to the various representatives.

REPRESENTATIVESTATENational Vaccine DatabaseUkraine WarLiberty ScoreNotes
CalvertCalifornia YEA40% 
Garcia (CA)California YEA50% 
IssaCalifornia YEA60% 
ObernolteCalifornia YEA78%Voted For Gun Control 
ValadaoCalifornia YEA50% 
CammackFlorida YEA94% 
MastFlorida YEA69% 
SalazarFloridaYEAYEA56%Voted For Gun Control 
WaltzFlorida YEA69% 
SimpsonIdaho YEA49% 
Davis, RodneyIllinoisYEAYEA51% 
KinzingerIllinoisYEAYEA40%Major RINO Leaving Congress
Miller-MeeksIowaYEAYEA67%Won by 6 Votes
MeijerMichiganYEAYEA72%Voted For Gun Control 
UptonMichiganYEAYEA40%Supported Interstate Abortion Protections (HR 8297)
EmmerMinnesota YEA76% 
BaconNebraskaYEAYEA50%Voted for Build Back Better
Van DrewNew Jersey YEA47%Switched Parties During Trump
GarbarinoNew York YEA67% 
Jacobs (NY)New YorkYEAYEA65% 
KatkoNew YorkYEAYEA40%Supported Interstate Abortion Protections (HR 8297)
MalliotakisNew York YEA67% 
StefanikNew York YEA44%GOP House Leadership
ZeldinNew York YEA69% 
ArmstrongNorth Dakota YEA75% 
CareyOhio YEA50% 
Gonzalez (OH)OhioYEAYEA61%Leaving Congress
Joyce (OH)OhioYEAYEA48% 
TurnerOhio YEA47% 
BentzOregon YEA72% 
FitzpatrickPennsylvaniaYEAYEA30%Biggest RINO in Congress
MeuserPennsylvania YEA67% 
PerryPennsylvania YEA88%Head of Freedom Caucus
MaceSouth Carolina YEA78% 
Rice (SC)South Carolina YEA80% 
Gonzales, TonyTexasYEAYEA67% 
Moore (UT)UtahYEAYEA72% 
OwensUtahYEAYEA78%Black Freshman Rep
NewhouseWashingtonYEAYEA54%Voted To Impeach Trump
SteilWisconsin YEA75% 
CheneyWyomingYEAYEA59%To be Primaried

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  1. Appreciate you keeping the news current for us who do not want to sort through it.

    1. A lot of outlets were content naming names, but they don’t connect this vote with other votes. Not sure how many attempted to analyze for a pattern regarding the reps and which states they derived from.

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