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The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr: Review and Analysis

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, many have taken to writing their accounts. Men like Scott Atlas have given a graphically embarrassing account of Donald Trump’s performance and conservative commentator Steve Deace wrote a best seller on the Covid response, specifically its pope, Anthony Fauci. However, others like Peter Navarro and Ben Shapiro have attempted to cash in on their post-pandemic book tours, with the former writing claims seemingly contradictory to that of Atlas in an attempt to defend his performance while the latter entitling his work The Authoritarian Moment—the same moment he was actively promoting two years ago.

Enter Robert F Kennedy Jr (RFJ Jr.), longtime activist for Children’s Health Defense who is notoriously anti-vax. RFK Jr. is a lawyer who has fought the likes of Monsanto and, being of relation to JFK, has had decades of exposure in the political scene and government corruption. Through his experience, he wrote The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which was published in late 2021. Whereas Faucian Bargain is a devotional, The Real Anthony Fauci is the one size fits all encyclopedia that will black-pill readers to the integrity of our government as he takes you through the journey of the covid pandemic and the origin of the infrastructure which allowed these things to happen. Readers will learn that the events that destroyed our economies, shuttered our churches, and eroded our citizen rights was a corruption not new founded, but deeply embedded into the government after decades of corruption. Overseeing this corruption was Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease.

Bias of the Author

One thing readers should consider as a disclaimer is that RFK Jr. is a lifelong democrat, born to a legacy of Kennedy politicians. He is unapologetically a secular democrat, and this is exhibited throughout the book. There is a certain blindness for the state of the Democrat Party, which while not disqualifying, is worth pointing out as a minor critique of an otherwise gripping read.

Most of fellow Democrats understand that Dr. Fauci led an effort to deliberately derail America’s access to lifesaving drugs and medicines that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and dramatically shortened the pandemic. (19)

This was the most glaring instance of personal bias seeping into the book. One wishes that this were true, for if it had, then “Two Weeks to Slow the Spread” would have been just that. Unfortunately, the democrats we all know went covid crazy, making Branch Covidianism the largest religion in America. The average democrat response or general ignorance to matters of lockdowns, mask inefficacy, VAERS murders, and the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin disproved this quote. These people do not know these things, or if they did, they certainly do not demonstrate it. Aside from that, there is a seemingly desperate pandering to black people as he does the woke writing “standard” of capitalizing “Black” in reference to black people and reiterates numerous times how his uncle, Ted Kennedy, ended the Tuskegee Experiments. RFK Jr. is not averse to throwing jabs at Trump’s performance blunders, and at one point excusing Biden’s actions under the guise of being “duped,” which is likewise far from the truth of the genocidally vindictive Biden Regime.

RFK Jr.’s strengths derive primarily from his experience being an activist for both the environment against corporate polluters and his skepticism towards the childhood vaccination regiment. These two issues of unfortunately niche concern in American discourse have made him especially suited to pen this book and are likely why his voice has stood out boldly against the regime since the onset of Covid.

Mismanaging the Pandemic

For the first 100 pages, Chapter 1 of The Real Anthony Fauci functions as the database for the government’s covid response. For those who are knowledgeful on matters pertaining to Covid, The Real Anthony Fauci offers fresh information that even one who is well informed did not know. RFK Jr. brings his receipts as he sequentially details how the government purposefully discredited inexpensive, safe pharmaceuticals like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in favor of unsafe, ineffective treatments like Remdesivir and ultimately the vaccines. RFK Jr. details how the government manipulated studies and falsified data to justify their actions and support their claims. On masking, a subject of little discussion, RFK Jr. plainly states that the purpose of masking was to condition society for the eventual vaccines. The plan for the pandemic was always the vaccine. Yet this plan was not some overnight concoction but a decades long process.

Big Pharma Industrial Complex

RFK Jr. then shifts the book into describing the Pharma industry’s incestuous relationship within government. It is common knowledge that Fauci is the highest paid government employee. What is less known is the details as to why that is the case. Under federal law, employees may receive up to $150,000 in royalties for drugs and treatments they helped develop. From this, Fauci has made his riches. With decades under as head of the NIAID, he functioned as the banker for Big Pharma, funding numerous research grants and developing countless drugs, both efficacious and disastrous, while pocketing his share of the profits. Meanwhile the patients suffered, and Americans became less healthy during his tenure.

Pharma’s ethics quickly pervade and corrupted NIAID’s culture. The agency routinely overlooked and often sanctioned and engaged in routine manipulation of science to “prove” the efficacy of dangerous and ineffective drugs. Callous disregard towards suffering and deaths among clinical trial volunteers became a feature of NIAID’s modus operandi. (245)

As described in the book, the pharmaceutical review process is wrought with conflicts of interest, profit motive, and the incentive to gin up panic over trivial or nonexistent outbreaks. Beginning with HIV/AIDS, where Fauci made his bones, this continued in the subsequent decades since, as each new crisis became an opportunity to acquire more wealth, power, and influence over an entire industry.

Fauci became the most powerful bureaucrat in Washington, exerting control as a mob boss to where he implanted loyalists and punished dissenters. Even the National Cancer Institute and other related health agencies followed the pharma-friendly model Fauci controls. The NIH directors, like Francis Collins, and the HHS secretaries became subservient to him. The health agencies became an entrenched swamp as the agency heads became personally invested in continuing the racket, engaging in malevolent activities for profits.

US military documents show that in 1992 Redfield and Birx…published inaccurate data in the New England Journal of Medicine, claiming that an HIV vaccine they helped develop and tested on Walter Reed patients was effective. (281)

The bench of corruption runs deep, and the nature of the beast does not incentivize honesty as their deception incentivized Congress to appropriate more funding, thus enabling the repetition of fraudulent behavior.


RFK Jr. spends much of the book highlighting the parallels between the AIDS response and Covid, often without utilizing extensive comparisons within his narrative as they are self-evident. In the 80’s, AZT, a long-rejected cancer drug of known toxicity, was Remdesivir, which was falsified and protected at all cost to preserve the vast profits this poison generated. Faulty testing was used to generate positives diagnoses. The government duplicities were persistent, and Congress authorized buckets of money to continue the pandemic.

Yet RFK Jr. is an AIDS Pill for the reader, as he posits the question: Does HIV really cause AIDS? As an aside, RFK Jr. himself does not draw any conclusions, but his chapters are riveting and he desires that this debate be had. In America, the target demographic of AIDS is the homosexual community, which was rampant with STD’s and thus immune suppressed. Because AIDS is a syndrome defined by a precise level of immunity (or lack thereof), diseases or cancers might have been reclassified as HIV/AIDS based on a PCR test. Other factors, like pregnancy, were known to produce false positives, which tragically landed pregnant woman into Fauci’s grip. Additionally, RFK Jr. addressed nitrate poppers, a common substance with homosexuals during the 70’s and 80’s that suppresses the immune system. Never mind that the treatment Fauci and Company promoted was toxic, thus worsening the patients’ condition. In simpler terms, the government gave these people AIDS through AZT. Then there is the distinction of whether HIV is the only cause of AIDS for which there is ample evidence presented.

The book also accounts for various experiments Fauci orchestrated on vulnerable children and pregnant women and their subsequent sadistic outcomes. What I found surprising is that much of these scandals came to light under the Bush years, and Fauci suffered zero consequences. It gave me yet another reason to despise George W. Bush.

In Africa, AIDS became an industry. One might find surprising that AIDS in Africa is unlike that of America, targeting women and children, and is often diagnosed without proper testing. In reality, Africans do not have HIV, but are merely suffering from other diseases or malnourishment. Fauci and a host of other characters then utilized Africa to become the new testing grounds for Big Pharma. Instead of providing food and clean water, they prioritized AIDS medications which would never see FDA approval in the states. The pattern of testing lethal chemicals on Africans only to withdraw the studies as the results became too toxic for public relations was presented.

Bill Gates: Malthusian Technocratic Antichrist

While Fauci is the headliner for this namesake book, Bill Gates is the opening act. What Fauci did on the taxpayer dime, Bill Gates did through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), which financed numerous experiments on the unsuspecting third world. So while Bill Gates is not a medical doctor, he is certainly an expert in medical experimentation. His meddling in Africa and the third world have yielded sadistically disastrous results, though RFK Jr. does not estimate his death toll for rightful comparison to the worst of humanity’s dictators.

RFK Jr. addressed the infamous “depopulate the earth through vaccines” quote that Bill Gates once uttered. Through the BMGF, Gates sponsored experiment after experiment on vaccines designed to induce infertility in women. Depo-Provera, an outdated birth control, was amongst the most widespread and appalling of the injections. Then there were varying failed attempts at an HIV vaccines, polio vaccines, and other diseases—some of which the locals were not even familiar with. The failures were almost cyclical in that Gates knowingly targeted women with substances, claiming they would help against a certain affliction, but “inadvertently” effected a woman’s fertility. Instead of providing inexpensive treatment, Gates and his Big Pharma partners sought the intellectual property, reaping billions from these failed experiments while murdering unknown individuals in their wake. Moreover, he manipulated the WHO, which he virtually controls, to coerce African nations into pressuring their people into his experiments and pushing his drugs.

For those who have done extensive missionary work in Africa, please let us know if this was your experience with the African healthcare system. Was it bought and sold by Bill Gates? Was there widespread distrust for these substances the government was peddling? Let us know.

Polio had disappeared altogether each of those nations until Gates reintroduced the dreaded disease with his vaccine… A study by Oxford’s Clinical Infectious Disease Periodical found that Gate’s oral polio vaccine is not only giving kids polio, but also seems to be “ineffective in stopping polio transmission.” (342)

Our shared experience with the MRNA vaccines being unsafe, ineffective, and ultimately the cause of Covid transmission resonated in this quote. Presently, this is still the case as the triple jabbed are most likely to be vectors of the man-made virus. History repeats itself.

Rise of the Bio-Medical Defense Apparatus

In 2001, the government staged an attack on its people. Unlikely to be the source of a widespread pandemic, anthrax, which could only be traced back to either government agencies and/or their subservient contractors, was mailed to various politicians in an effort to gin up fear of bioterrorism. With Americans willing to rally behind endless defense spending and needless wars, the War on Terror created the biomedical defense apparatus. This is accounted for in the final chapter of The Real Anthony Fauci, as the pieces developed in the previous chapters coalesce with the military industrial complex.

This resulted in experimentation within our military for vaccines because there is no other solution aside from vaccination in the event a terrorist or Saddam Hussein utilized anthrax. Instead of treatment, the government spent billions developing unsafe vaccines for its defense stockpile. Pandemics became a matter of defense. War games were played. Simulations were performed, with the most notorious being Event 201 in 2019.

Characteristically, the assembled eminences bypassed any discussion of bolstering people’s immune system response or testing and distributing off-label therapeutics and went directly to recommending militarized strategies including police state controls, mass propaganda and censorship, and the suspension of civil rights and due process rulemaking in favor of diktats by health authorities, all aimed at coercive vaccination of the population. (403)

Once again, masking is addressed as a means of which the apparatus subdues the population and disseminates fear within the populace. Instead of the HHS agencies and the BMGF and WHO involving themselves, now the CIA and DARPA were investing heavily in the pandemic industry. This led to DARPA and NIH competing with one another in gain of function research around the world which ultimately spewed forth from a lab in Wuhan.

In this chapter, RFK Jr. sounds like Alex Jones without the gay frogs, whereby he lays out the history of the CIA’s infiltration with big tech through its surrogate hedge fund In-Q-Tel. Companies and billionaires whose tech products we use every day, like Amazon and Facebook, were once funded by this CIA outlet. Transhumanism and mind control being of interest to the agency are also addressed.

By the time Covid made its way out of the lab, the infrastructure was in place for the medical tyranny to initiate. RFK Jr. finishes by stating that this tyranny was cover for various regimes throughout the world to implement authoritarian policies.

Why It Matters?

In the aftermath of Covid, Branch Covidianism became the largest religion in America and the largest state sponsored faith in the world. The draconian lockdowns effected everyone. The fallout from lockdowns continues everyday through widespread inflation, higher energy costs, and supply chain issues. The death toll from these failed injections continues as large segments of our population continue to submit to their idols, who in turn are poisoning them both physiologically and spiritually.

The same forces behind the pandemic, which they simulated, continue to operate and are now strategizing global food shortages which they created. Because it worked perfectly the first time, there is nothing to stop them from doing it again, and manufacturing yet another man-made crisis.

Going Forward

I wanted to finish by offering tactical remedies for the truths revealed in The Real Anthony Fauci that Christian activists can utilize going forward.

First and foremost, there is no legitimate reason drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are not Over the Counter in America, as they are elsewhere in the world. They work on a variety of illnesses and are safe. It is simply corporate greed that inhibits the people from these drugs. At the behest of men like Fauci, the states blocked these lifesaving drugs from the people, sending hundreds of thousands to their deaths. If the change cannot be had on a federal level, then the states must step up and legislate means so that the people can acquire these drugs with or without a prescription. There have been states passing laws to this regard, so this must become a priority measure for local activists along with other Never Again reforms.

We have written several pieces on state primaries, as primary elections are more important than general elections. The power in retaking Congress is not in its legislative authority, as they have collectively ceded this authority to the Executive Branch for generations, but in its power of subpoena and spending. On spending, a Republican legislature must include measures in their obscene spending bills curtailing the covid policies, particularly with Federal Workers and Contractors, Healthcare Workers, and the Armed Forces. Foreign aid should be utilized to feed the third world and provide them water, not toxic experiments backed by Gates. Through the committees, the republicans must prioritize investigating and holding accountable the members of the Deep State, like Anthony Fauci. In this life, we must hold these evil men accountable, and while it will pale compared to what will come to them, it is our duty as a people to punish evil.

Ultimately, these are spiritual matters, and while men like RFK Jr. are blind to this Truth, this is where the Church must shine brightest, being the light in an increasingly darkened world.

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  1. All the crimes committed against us in the name of covid, RFK Jr would be in favor of having done to those denying man made climate destruction. He’s done great work on covid, but his talk of rights is in the typical dem fashion, only applying to those they agree with. It’s great he’d have Fauci charged and jailed, but so would he you for not bowing at the alter of climate change.

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