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Aimee Byrd

Aimee Byrd Attacks It’s Good To Be A Man For Successful Book

A common response in sports trash talking is scoreboard whereby the fan’s excuses for performance are dismissed by the results on the field. In the case of Big Eva, feminist author Aimee Byrd has made a career selling books nuancing complementarianism in the Presbyterian circles. It’s Good To Be A Man was a ministry founded by Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant in an effort to restore biblical masculinity in our culture. They recently published their self titled book which has climbed to the top of Amazon’s Best Seller list for the Presbyterian subcategory.

She insists that the movement championed by It’s Good To Be A Man is no longer fringe. And while this reeks of sour grapes for a competing author, this anti-endorsement was quite the advertisement. If Aimee Byrd hates your book, you must be doing something right.

Plebs aren’t allowed to have successful books, according to Big Eva.

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One Response

  1. I’m a based 64 year old man, and while I’m no Protestant, I have read their site, and these guys have some no nonsense guts and fortitude.
    Reverend Foster wrote an excellent article, followed by an excellent audio interview, on the dangers of men (particularly young men) getting involved with single mothers. I mentor young men in my church, and I can’t stress to them enough to stay away from single mothers.
    This woman’s response is child’s play compared to the hateful vitriol from evangelical Protestant Neocons, mostly single mommies, I’m certain, and the likes of one Aly Stuckey, posting that Reverend Foster looked like a pedophile, that his wife was fat and ugly, that he was fat and ugly from the pictures off his Facebook, yada…yada.
    Wow, and we’re suppose to look at these Neocon evangelical (and don’t forget she’s in the same Reformed camp as Reverend Foster) Aly Stuckeys as the models of (young) womanhood and virtue. Not this crusty old bachelor!

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