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Why The Gospel Coalition Is A Defeated Organization

Late last week, a 2021 article from The Gospel Coalition surfaced in which The Gospel Coalition implied that opposing the right of homosexual marriage was unwise. This was pounced on by both Protestia and Disntr and many friendly faces on social media. At the time, Evangelical Dark Web did not find the article newsworthy, and individually it still is not. However, it is part of a larger defeatist, loser mentality of The Gospel Coalition, one Christians must never share.

In the summer of 2021, The Gospel Coalition wrote:

Every culture and nation must find common consent in public ethics, specifically on what is prohibited, permitted, and promoted for the common good. True toleration must include living peaceably with deep differences. Most Western nations have extended marital status to arrangements other than heterosexual monogamy. The wise Christian will affirm the legal right of consenting adults to order their lives without fear; yet that right doesn’t entail affirming the goodness of these arrangements. Believers can be good neighbors to all while diverging on some moral issues. This is the heart of a peaceful and pluralistic society.

They would subsequently share this quote on Instagram which spiraled the reaction to it. It must be stated that marriage is not a right. You are not entitled to another human being. But this sentiment came from a defeatist mentality. Also in 2021, TGC21, The Gospel Coalition’s annual conference which is not reoccurring in 2023 had a panel on “Discussing Sexuality in a Post-Christian Culture” featuring Brett McCracken, Sam Allberry, and Trevin Wax. The Gospel Coalition would publish this archived content August 5. Already, Sam Allberry’s ties to side b theology should lower confidence in this panel discussion. Both Brett McCracken and Trevin Wax aren’t exactly bold fighters either.

Right of the bat, Brett McCracken is already referring to “Rachel” Levine as a “transgender woman” instead of a transvestite man, as he would be called on a decent Christian publication. Giving into enemy language on this issue is how you lose. In fact, the only way we can lose this fight is by adopting their language.

From there both Sam Allberry and Trevin Wax are equally concerned with anti-trans and anti-gay backlash as they are with the homosexual transvestite agenda. They believe both sides are wrong and want to pursue a third way. This is classic Third Wayism, a cop out from taking a meaningful stand on a cultural issue. They care about not appearing to be on either side. They care more about how the world sees them, even if they are alone. 

This conversation did nothing to instill any confidence. Instead, they just assume that churches aren’t catechizing children on what the Bible says about marriage and kids are therefore don’t believe that Bible teaches a sexual ethic vastly different than our culture’s. This would be an indictment on the church for not teaching the full counsel of God. But is this what is happening or are young people simply disagreeing with Scripture.

Scripture is so foundational, in that those who reject the biblical sexual ethic do not do so out of a disagreement of its historical interpretation, but of a disagreement with the authority of the text itself. We should not dress up disagreement as anything else, nor should we not catechize children with what the Bible says on hot button issues, preparing them for what they will encounter.

The Gospel Coalition is waving the white flag to the culture. They are also in desperate retreat in ecclesiastical battles. The fact that we are talking about 2021 bad takes instead of 2022 bad takes isn’t because The Gospel Coalition has repented, it’s because they aren’t taking hardly any stands this year, at all. They bury their bad takes in longform content nowadays.

There is no reason to retreat from spiritual warfare because Christ wins. So instead of trying to negotiate with the culture, we should be preaching the full counsel of God.

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