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Boston Children’s Hospital: Where Depopulation Meets Aztec Temple

In many pre-Christian cultures human sacrifice was practiced or vaguely familiar. And while the religious overtures of the practice have thankfully disappeared thanks to the prevailing gospel and influence of Christ, the act of human sacrifice, mainly child sacrifice, has continued in various forms.

The most common form is abortion. In the Bible we are told children were passed through the fires of Moloch, a reference to sacrifice. In contemporary America, women don’t wait that long to commit infanticide. They can do it in the womb, quite easily. Yet despite the seemingly secularization of an equivocal practice, the satanism remains the same. While infanticide remained, sacrificing children has made a resurgence.

Transgenderism is wrought with bad parents pushing their gender ideology on children, often for the attention that comes with it. Evangelical Dark web coined the phrase “Liberal Dilemma” in regards of the choice between aborting your child or transgendering your child. Whereas most children left to their own devices would outgrow confusion, the Big Pharma pipeline of puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and eventually, genital mutilation is meant to overcome this natural trend.

Boston Children’s Hospital put out a video advertising their hysterectomy services for “gender affirming” care, convincing the audience that it’s no different than when non transvestites get the surgery. The video featured a bubbly personality of demonic filth and comforting background music.

This video was scrubbed from YouTube, made private by the owner. But Evangelical Dark Web retained a copy for its own video above.

There is a difference between the child sacrifice of today and the one of pre-Christendom: today there exists a depopulation agenda.

Margaret Sanger was very clinical in speaking about the eugenics purposes of abortion. In similar demonic fashion, this doctor was smiling like Joel Osteen while talking about  mutilating children. In ancient civilizations, there was not an overt ambition to depopulate themselves. Yet in modern times, there exists movements on various fronts attacking the Dominion Mandate: be fruitful and multiply. From feminism, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, Covid jabs, and manufactured economic crises, the words of the Georgia Guidestones promoting eugenics are the prevailing views of western leaders.

With the evil of this movement so overt and standing against everything in God’s prescribed order in Scripture, this is further proof of the validity of Christianity as the solution to this widespread phenomenon.

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