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CDC Lied People Died. Now They Capitulate.

Ahead of the upcoming school year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed most of their remaining Covid guidelines. Under the new guidelines, no one has to quarantine following an exposure regardless of vaccination status. And those who test positive have to quarantine for minimum five days. The CDC is no longer distinguishing between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Additionally, they have removed test-to-stay guidelines for schools, which an embarrassingly high amount of school systems implemented. Despite the pullback the CDC still claims that jabs provide protection against severe illness and death. To date, over 30000 deaths have been reported to VAERS with an additional 4900 miscarriages.

Some see this as a “victory” in which the country is finally putting the theater to the past, but the victory will not come until heads are rolling. Robert F Kennedy Jr. articulated in great detail the maleficence of the CDC which Evangelical Dark Web reviewed.

For the first 100 pages, Chapter 1 of The Real Anthony Fauci functions as the database for the government’s covid response. For those who are knowledgeful on matters pertaining to Covid, The Real Anthony Fauci offers fresh information that even one who is well informed did not know. RFK Jr. brings his receipts as he sequentially details how the government purposefully discredited inexpensive, safe pharmaceuticals like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in favor of unsafe, ineffective treatments like Remdesivir and ultimately the vaccines. RFK Jr. details how the government manipulated studies and falsified data to justify their actions and support their claims. On masking, a subject of little discussion, RFK Jr. plainly states that the purpose of masking was to condition society for the eventual vaccines. The plan for the pandemic was always the vaccine. Yet this plan was not some overnight concoction but a decades long process.

The CDC guidelines pullback should be scene as nothing more than the Biden administration trying to save face in an election year. After all, out understanding of virology has not fundamentally changed in the last two and a half years. But the political science is constantly changing.

The CDC has a demonstrable history of supporting liberal policies like gun control which should have alerted every conservative that they were corrupt. Yet in times of the sniffles, Americans turned to lab coats instead of priestly collars because the former had more conviction in their religion.

Most Americans two years ago believed that masking and locking down saved lives. They were not told the virus was airborne and seasonal. These same Americans viewed those who defied lockdowns as selfish and perhaps murderers. Yet ultimately the truth has vindicated those who were on the side of freedom from the beginning, and no matter how hard Ben Shapiro and the like pretend that they weren’t actively peddling the CDC’s lies, we who stood firm from the beginning will never forget.

The CDC played a part in perhaps irreversibly wrecking the country, under the guidance of Big Eva’s favorite doctor, Francis Collins. We know of about 35000 deaths reported to VAERS, but we can easily suspect this figure is grossly underreported. The CDC may be trying to quietly put the past behind them so they can run the same playbook again some day, but we must not let them and ultimately abolish the three letter agency.

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