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What’s the real reason the DOJ is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention?

In a Friday news dump, the Southern Baptist Convention announced it was being investigated by the Department of Justice. This came in the same week that the FBI raided Trump’s residence. However, the Southern Baptist Convention is suspiciously eager to fall on the grenade of sex abuse. The Sex Abuse Task Force Report failed to drum up anything that would hold up in court. Last Friday the SBC entity heads put out a statement.

The Southern Baptist Convention has a history of lying in public statements. In 2019, they lied about the firing of Bobby Lopez. In late 2020, they lied about denouncing Critical Race Theory. Last month, they lied about the firing of David Allen, a loyal man. Therefore, this statement should be viewed with equal suspicion. Furthermore, everything we know about the investigation has come from the investigated.

What’s Not Being Investigated

The FBI is not investigating Jennifer Lyell’s case, nor would they care more about Johnny Hunt sexually assaulting a woman than her husband who made a handshake deal afterwards. The SBC is not investigating a publicly known quantity. The Southern Baptist Convention desperately wants you to believe that it is a known quantity being investigated.

What Could Be The Real Reason

Political Science

Let’s not pretend the Department of Justice lives up to its name. While I would consider the SBC apostate, secular culture does not care for these distinctions. Hillsong is not a theologically sound entity, but that doesn’t matter to the pagans in Australia. Same here. This is the Democrats going after a Republican voter base. Plain and simple.

Actual Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Not the crap in the Sex Abuse Task Force Report which focused mainly on Johnny Hunt and Jennifer Lyell, but a real case of sex abuse that crossed state lines or is some sort of syndicate worse than imagined. This seems unlikely because all the entities seem to be under the impression they are being investigated.


The SBC is a financial entity operating as a charity, yet has hundreds of millions in assets. Financial impropriety would certainly be something spanning all the entities that the SBC elites would want to keep under wraps. The love of money is the primary driver of the corruption and theological decadence in the convention. It’s very possible there are criminal activities involved in all the power plays.

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