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Boston Children’s Hospital Peddles Born Trans Myth

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Boston Children’s Hospital promoting hysterectomies for children. But wait there’s more. They have dozens more videos that explain the demonic in a clinical and bubbly fashion. The one the merits much attention is where they claim children are born transvestites and know at an early age.

The born gay myth did wonders for the homosexual agenda convincing most of the population to accept a position without any compelling evidence of the sort. In fact twin studies have routinely debunked a genetic determination. Nevertheless, a lie repeated often enough became widely believed causing the general society to overlook sexual abuse and grooming as causal links, until very recently.

Boston Children’s Hospital is trying to craft a narrative that children are born transvestites, despite the lack of historical precedent. This is a taller task, but one if repeated enough without pushback will achieve the same outcome as the born gay myth.

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  1. I thought it was a social construct? They can’t seem to make up their minds. It depends on the argument they’re putting forth it appears. The whole nature vs nurture argument…

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