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Pueblo West Baptist Church Leaves SBC Over Pragmatism

After the massive Christian defeat at the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022, some churches have resolved to exit the Southern Baptist Convention. While Nathaniel Jolly’s Homer Reformed Baptist Church left the SBC over liberalism, Pueblo West Baptist Church summarized its exit as the result of pragmatism.

Like many churches, PWBC gave over ten percent of its annual budget to the Cooperative Program, and increasingly became dissatisfied with the convention’s direction. On August 7, PWBC announced its departure from the Southern Baptist Convention following a congregational vote.


The statement calls Rick warren out as a false teacher and godfather of pragmatism. The decision to partner with Guidepost Solutions on investigating sexual immorality whist they openly celebrate sexual immorality is highly criticized in this report as well.

At the convention, the Credentials Committee refused to disfellowship Saddleback Church over ordaining women, not knowing what a pastor was. Instead, Rick Warren was given the opportunity to speak at length about himself and his accomplishments to a captive audience who cheered him on. The ordination of women is likely to drive more churches away from the Southern Baptist Convention.

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