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Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer Prosperity Gospel: Most Watched Sermon of 2021

Church Leaders, the liberal church growth rag of Ed Stetzer published the most popular sermons of 2021, which primarily featured TD Jakes taking up 8 of the top 10 spots with Priscilla Shirer and David Jeremiah being the exceptions. Shirer would claim the top spot with over 5 million views from a sermon she delivered at Lakewood Church, the home of Joel Osteen. Priscilla Shirer is the daughter of the popular pastor, Tony Evans. In addition to selling many books, Shirer has also been in many movies, most notably, War Room which was a quasi film adaptation of one of her books.

The sermon starts off lighthearted and comical before opening up to Luke 9. Priscilla Shirer then proceeds to stray into right message wrong text territory. By the end of the sermon, it was full blown Prosperity Gospel. Give Jesus what you have and he will multiply it like he did the bread and the fish. The sermon had no mention of sin, let alone the other elements of the gospel. It was simply transactional and carnal motivational speaking.

This was the most watched sermon in the world from 2021. It’s obviously not a good sign that the most watched sermon was in violation of 2-3 Timothy, in that a woman was functioning as a pastor. Additionally, it was on the Trinity Broadcast Network YouTube channel and at Joel Osteen’s church. The fact that it was apparently at a women’s conference or event is hardly a mitigating factor.

Evangelical Dark Web will reconsider its verdict on Priscilla Shirer in light of watching her preach.

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