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Why We Don’t Need, Nor Want “Gays Against Groomers”

For far too long Conservative Inc. has had a scholarship program to the top. As a white Christian male conservative, I need not apply because I am a dime a dozen regardless of my personal merit. Modern identity politics is the trademark of Cultural Marxism whereby the previous block voting of the past has been made radioactive with the pursuit of Social Justice. This pursuit of Social Justice is to be combated by any right leaning individual. However, more often than not, Conservative Inc. champions this same identity politic and the average conservative does as well.

After attempting to create a cancel culture website called Social Autopsy, Candace Owens had a falling out with the gamergate people. Shortly after she rebranded herself as a “redpilled” black conservative woman. This overnight change was seldom questioned by conservative media personalities who gladly promoted her to combat the “everything is racist” narrative that was pervasive at that time. Despite this, Candace Owens is an above average example of this as I find her to be genuinely more conservative than most of her fellows over at the Daily Wire.

The same cannot be said of Diamond and Silk who perform as caricatures for boomercons. Desperate to appeal to the left, a bunch of prominent “gay conservatives” arose, although plenty of them are not conservative, like Guy Benson or Brad Polumbo. The most prominent homosexual in Conservative Inc. is Dave Rubin. Dave Rubin is a comedian turned talk show host and even a part of The Young Turks. While many claim his change was gradual, the timing of his “leaving the left” shockingly coincided with the rise of blacks and or transvestites usurping the top of the victimhood totem pole from gays. Simply put, it was easy to be a homosexual on the left in 2015 when the Democrats on the Supreme Court conjured law in their favor. And in a perverse sort of way, people have a fondness for being the bottom of the slippery slope, and it is such men like Dave Rubin who try to say, “here and no further.”

Naturally, the liberals refuse to stop halfway down the slippery slope. Indeed, they have supported transgendering children since 2012, and Dave Rubin’s 2017 reservations came well after the homosexual and transvestite agendas had a merger. And from there, conservative debate whether transvestites should be allowed in the movement, with Fox News overtly supporting the agenda. Men like Blair White are only famous for being a transvestite and his public opposition to transgendering minors is used as an appeal to authority fallacy.

Gays Against Groomers represents an ironic new grift on the right whereby homosexuals, had not censorship intervened, stood to profit greatly by retrofitting arguments against the normalization of homosexuality to arguments against the grooming of children into mainly transgenderism. However, if gays against grooming was a serious sentiment, why did it take so long for this to become a thing? Some of the most famous homosexuals activists in history, Michael Foucault and Harvey Milk, had no qualms about having sex with underaged boys. And they are far from anomalies especially as homosexual relationships have huge age gaps compared to heterosexual relationships. Going back to the age of catamites, homosexuality has always had a predatory aspect towards underaged boys. Transgenderism, though much newer, is also largely predicated on child abuse going back to the John Money studies. He would die a celebrated figure despite his fraud and abuse being known.

So what would cause a bunch of homosexuals on the right to suddenly oppose grooming? Money and social media clout. You see, “groomer” finally went mainstream as a well crafted insult for those who want to transgender children. Evangelical Dark Web has been using this language since at the latest May 2021. Yet after this rhetoric went mainstream, all the sudden a Gays Against Groomer organization emerges. Almost no one has raised suspicions over this grift.

The most prominent criticism I have seen is a comparison to “Moderate Muslims.” The fact the the key difference between a “radical” and “moderate” Muslim is whether the holy war is now or later. With Gays Against Groomers, they choose to recruit later. The so-called Imam of Peace has made an entire career of publicly undermining Islamic teaching. So too can the Gays Against Groomers until a “Lincoln Project” scandal befalls them.

Conservative Inc. needs to be wise to how this gravy train of clickbait will undermine our movement. It was the normalization of homosexuality that led to this. The “moderate gays” will not get us out. Moreover, this alternative is a distraction from the real solution, in that the conservative movement needs to embrace Christ, not chaos. Our failure to invoke the name and power of Jesus to spiritually transform our nation to repentance will be our undoing.

We cannot reverse the Romans 1 judgement of God without the gospel.

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