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Brian Houston Preaches For The First Time Since Resigning From Hillsong

Brian Houston has kept a relatively low profile since resigning from Hillsong Church earlier this year. And while Hillsong has continued its implosion and is now under lawsuit and investigation for financial impropriety, Brian Houston may have gotten out at the right time to rehabilitate his image and standing in Big Eva. On August 22, Brian Houston delivered the message at the Christian Faith Church, a megachurch based in the Seattle area.

Casey and Wendy Treat are the lead pastors of Christian Faith Church which is a church that does not appear to have a statement of faith or laid out beliefs. Nearing 8000 subs on YouTube, this sermon within ten days is their 8th most watched video at around 3300 views. The message was titled, “A Legacy That Outlasts You” as Brian Houston focuses on sending a message that he’s not done with ministry. The sermon was me with negative comments yet for Christian Faith Church, this was a chance to book a high profile speaker and for Brian Houston, this was a chance to begin his comeback.

Evangelical Dark Web has noted in the past that exposing false teachers does not make them go away. And when a false teacher is brought down, they are never finished. They simply change audiences. Beth Moore left the SBC. Francis Chan left the reformed world. Likewise, Brian Houston and Hillsong are low hanging fruit for discernment ministry and have been exposed for a long time. The mountain of scandals may have led to his departure from Hillsong, but Brian Houston has simply changed his main audience.

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