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Frankfurt Declaration

Christian Leaders Repudiate Branch Covidianism With Frankfurt Declaration

It can be easily said that over the last two and a half years, the church has failed miserably in its response to lockdowns. Instead of telling the truth, the church capitulated to, if not, enthusiastically promoted the lies. It has unfortunately been the less theologically robust camps that defied government tyranny. John MacArthur would invoke the doctrine of lesser magistrates a little over two years ago, and James Coates would go to jail for over fifty days in Canada. Yet a plethora of theologically robust leaders, many of whom were faithful the last two years, and they have crafted a statement condemning the government’s actions and created a theological framework so that it never happens again.

On August 31, an international group of reformed Christians dropped the new statement, adding it to a list including the Nashville Statement and the Dallas Statement. The list of initial signers included Doug Wilson, James Coates, James White, Jared Longshore, Jeff Durbin, Joel Webbon, John MacArthur, Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, Tim Conway, Tom Buck, and Voddie Baucham.

The introduction of the statement makes clear the context for why it was necessary.

A few concerned pastors from different continents, moved by an emergent totalitarianism of the State over all realms of society, and particularly the Church, and the disregard of God- given and constitutionally guaranteed rights during the Covid crisis, joined in common cause to craft a solemn declaration, which seeks to address these threats with the timeless truths of God’s Word. The following affirmations and denials, derived from biblical principles, we put forth for consideration by all Christians and relevant authorities, in the hope that this document will give light and strength for faithful witness to Jesus Christ in our day.

The statement goes on to condemn medical and governmental tyranny and assert Christ’s sovereignty as head of the church.

Evangelical Dark Web Endorses This Statement

The Frankfurt Declaration is a necessary proxy for vetting pastors. Though the initial signers are almost exclusively Calvinist, the statement is fairly ecumenical making it a unify stastement in response to a pagan religious cult known as Branch Covidianism. Historically, I cannot say whether the church has had a response this quick to a pagan religion’s emergence. And while many believe that this is a dead issue, people continue to suffer from the effects of the jabs and  lockdowns.

Where the statement falls short is that its scope is devoted to the government and not the people or church leaders who called evil policy good. They bare responsibility for the suffering they have inflicted, but this statement does not focus on the NPCs. Overall, this Frankfurt Declaration is a great response to mark down for future generations of believers.

We encourage our readers to likewise sign on to the statement.

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