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Matt Chandler

Preston Sprinkle: Matt Chandler Simply Violated Billy Graham Rule

Last Sunday, Matt Chandler was publicly placed on a leave of absence for rather unclear reasons. The lack of transparency of the Village Church left many speculating that Matt Chandler committed a sexual sin. However, Preston Sprinkle would come to the defense of Matt Chandler, as he has Chandler speaking at his upcoming conference. Preston Sprinkle, a side b theology peddling liberal, posted on Instagram what Matt Chandler is accused of doing in his defense of maintaining him as a speaker. According to him, Matt Chandler merely violated the Billy Graham rule and the “coarse jesting” was an ancillary concern about alcohol humor.

If this is true, this adds more to the extent that the church elders violated Scripture in handling this situation. It also explains their language in communicating it. The Billy Graham rule, however wise, is not the law of God, and therefore no one should come under church discipline for not strict adhering to it. To church discipline someone over it (in and of itself) is legalism. This also makes the woman who raised this issue a moral busybody who is perhaps guilty of gossip. This would be a new low for the MeToo movement’s infiltration of the church.

It’s only a matter of time before more information comes out confirming or denying Sprinkle’s post. 

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