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Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield Blasts SBC For Redefining Abuse

After publicly retracting and repenting of her denouncing of reparative therapy, Rosaria Butterfield appeared on the Conversations That Matter podcast with Jon Harris to discuss her newfound perspective. Though enlightening the conversation was, what was surprising was that Rosaria Butterfield took aim at the Southern Baptist Convention. In discussing the root cause of homosexuality she mentioned how reparative therapy is used to help those victimized by sexual abuse leading to harsh criticism of the Sex Abuse Task Force Report.

Leading up to this, she was discussing the root causes of homosexuality. While many specualte that sex abuse play a major role, Butterfield denied that this was part of her story. At around the 12 minute mark, Rosaria Butterfield specifies “real abuse” not what she saw in the Guidepost report. She then went on to say that the Guidepost report takes a dangerous posture. She then went on to talk about how learning how reparative therapy helps detransitioners helped change her perspective.

Indeed very little of the Sex Abuse Task Force Report focused on sex abuse. It mainly focused on Johnny Hunt allegations and propping up Jennifer Lyell as an abuse victim.

Though this comment was in passing, it was noteworthy that someone in Big Eva would make a comment so critical against the Guidepost Report. After all, the Conservative Baptist Network kneeled before it as did their followers.

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