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David Anderson

Biologos Supporting Pastor Promotes Transgenderism

Earlier this week, Evangelical Dark Web published a verdict on David Anderson calling him a false teacher. There were a number of issues that stood as reasons why he is a false teacher. However, a sermon delivered on transgenderism in 2019 stood out as Anderson tries to have his cake and eat it too on the issue. This posture that he preaches is even more liberal than that which Revoice advocates despite the fact that David Anderson will maintain that he does not celebrate homosexuality.

When Christians teachers are getting jailed because their employers would rather throw them in jail than have them teach over “misgendering” students, the legitimizing of transgenderism from the pulpit is especially unacceptable.

David Anderson insists that he won’t perform marriage ceremonies for two dudes or celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism, but he talked at length about homosexual members of his church feeling comfortable under his preaching and leadership. Side b theology feigns adherence to the biblical sexual ethic, whereas side a does not. On paper Bridgeway Community Church feigns side b theology, but in practice, they are antinomian.

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