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Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson, Canon Press, Promote Al Mohler

The dust had just settled from the last controversy whereby men from Moscow, Idaho sowed division in the church by claiming that credobaptism is what led to transgenderism. However, the relationship between the Doug Wilson camp and reformed Baptist was further strained when Canon Press announced and promoted Al Mohler content was coming to their platform. For a movement trying to build a Reformed Evangelical Catholicity, this was yet another unforced error.

A side controversy ensued when apparently, Canon Press did not have permission from Al Mohler to use this content. Evidently, no permission was needed because it was not from Al Mohler that Canon Press acquired the rights. Al Mohler let the world knew he was not a fan of the announcement in a catty tweet.

Garnering the praise of Michael Bird and liberal Baptists, Al Mohler has navigated the issue by distancing himself from the Doug Wilson camp. The Doug Wilson camp responded by promoted Al Mohler even harder by adding a promo code.

Al Mohler was the most prominent villain in the Enemies Within The Church documentary in large part due to his negative influence in the Southern Baptist Convention. The biggest villains in the SBC, Danny Akin, Adam Greenway, Russell Moore (former SBC), and Kevin Ezell being the Phantom Menace were all creatures of Mohler, and their influence, especially Ezell’s, now far exceeds that of Mohler. For a cultural warring Christian movement to promote Al Mohler is incredibly tone deaf given his woke proclivities.

Many reformed Baptist spoke out against the move over the weekend, prior to the copyright dispute, including Michael O’Fallon.

Al Mohler has largely been a proxy for determining how serious a Baptist movement is in fighting compromise and infiltration. The Conservative Baptist Network has largely cozied up to Al Mohler, thus further proving they aren’t serious.

Between Jason Farley’s asinine comments on transgenderism and credobaptism and Doug Wilson’s tacit endorsement of Al Mohler’s legacy, the work to unite reformed Baptists under the postmillennial theonomist movement based in Moscow Idaho is further self-sabotaged.

Promoting Al Mohler is evidence that this camp is out of touch with grassroots Baptist. Those who are not postmillennial theonomists are moreover concerned that our participation in this movement is likened to a pyramid scheme in which a select few are on top. Their unwillingness to listen to grassroots Baptists, and subsequent doubling down, is evidence that further reinforces Baptist criticism of the Moscow movement and Doug Wilson.

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One Response

  1. I disagree with your take here. the Mohler teaching that Canon Press is promoting is his older, more orthodox work before he started acting like a closet commie. he used to be a fairly solid Bible teacher.

    this serves two good purposes: it highlights how much Mohler’s teaching has changed over the years for the listener, and it forces a wolf (Mohler) to self-identify.

    because they want to promote his older solid teaching, he is forced to either stand by it, or else align himself with all of the liberal drifters. if Mohler stood by his former teaching, he’d have no reason to distance himself and he’d thank Canon Press for promoting it. had Mohler said nothing, this probably would’ve passed without so much as a ripple.

    they aren’t presenting Mohler as a current solid Bible teacher, nor any of his current positions. I have no problem using solid material from preachers that were formerly solid given that that specific teaching was biblical. his older teaching still has merit even if he is drifting into apostasy now. the reformed catholicity movement loses nothing by highlighting a wolf or forcing him to out himself. if anything, it is clarifying. even Mohler has to admit how much he has changed now whereas he has always denied it in the past. Mohler just looks like a sour-grapes, pantywaist, hypocrite by his reaction.

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