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Cringe: Christian Post Calls Queen Elizabeth II Great Evangelist

While The Gospel Coalition has taken a back seat from producing cultural commentary in short form content, like articles, Christian Post has increased its audaciously dangerous takes. A major weakness in this publication is that they simp celebrities for clicks, no matter how banal their comments. Another such instance of errant commentary an article written by Oscar Amaechina describing Queen Elizabeth II as a great evangelist.

What’s incredibly pathetic about this post is that it does not seem like Amaechina knew much or anything about the queen’s faith prior to her death. Nevertheless, this is how he opens:

The whole world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the Christian world celebrates her life as a worthy ambassador of Christ who lived a life of impactful service to God and humanity.

She was a devout Christian, but I was personally unaware of this until her death. As a “Defender of Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England,” she never failed in her duty to defend her faith and the Church.

Yikes. The Christian world may pay their respects to the British, but to say that the queen was this hero of the faith is highly disingenuous as to what it means to be a Christian. The protestant tradition of the English crown has influenced much of her perception and perhaps her mannerism. All of this is not bad, yet this is where the Christian witness really ends.

If we are to use biblical terminology on this, would we say that Elizabeth II did what was good in the eyes of the Lord or what was evil in the sight of the Lord? This is how each king of Judah is described in Scripture. And although many contend that the British crown is a symbolic figurehead, when exactly did this reputation unfold? The crown has great authority on paper that was never used. This is a queen who took no position on homosexual marriage, affirmed the decriminalization of homosexuality in her reign, and headed one of the wokest state churches in all of Europe. The bills passed in Canadian parliament go to the crown for assentation. It’s difficult to believe that the monarch in charge of an empire in massive decline was a good one.

There was no record of her organizing a city-wide crusade; she was not a televangelist, and I do not know whether she ever preached in a church.  But I am convinced that her lifestyle and words of confession must have brought many to the saving knowledge of Christ. It is important to note that not every evangelist is also a preacher. Some evangelists are called by God to preach Christ in the day-to-day.

This article is blind wishcasting, cherry picking quotes to support a narrative that is not a fair representation of her life. Was she a nice person? Probably, but being nice and proper isn’t a Christian witness. It isn’t the gospel.

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