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Big Eva Defends BDF (Baby Daddy Free!) Mentality

It is no secret that Big Evangelical institutions are openly promoting a feminist version of the pro-life movement that contends that women are victims who should not bear earthly accountability for the sin of abortion but rather should be given additional means of welfare through ministries or the state while exclusively demonizing the medical professionals involved in abortion. In failure, Louisiana’s HB 813 revealed fault lines in the pro-life movement that are especially pertinent in a Post-Roe World.

In elevating Brent Leatherwood to the official President of the ERLC, the SBC continues its push into pro-life feminism. Even pro-life news sites like LifeNews espouse feminism first, as their founder and editor Steven Ertelt, who is also the president of Colorado Citizens for Life, signed onto the letter condemning HB 813.

What are they really defending in refusing to condemn women who participate in abortion?

Aspiring rapper and TikTok “star” TNFW Nique released a song entitled BDF (FNF Remix). BDF is an acronym for Baby Daddy Free and features the artist rapping about procuring an abortion so that she would not be burdened by motherhood. The set to the music video features her rapping with background dancers twerking on the hood of a Dodge Charger that is parked outside a Planned Parenthood with dollar bills being thrown around. For those uninformed, twerking is an animalistic ritual whereby one shakes their buttocks to create a jiggle. Anthropologists speculate this to be a mating ritual but are unsure of the purpose.

Lyrics to the rap include “one the way to the clinic I forgot the Plan B/ Let’s go bitch, I got murder on my mind.” The chorus of her rapping of having “murder on my mind” is repeated several times before she shifts into not being “cuffed” by a black baby daddy with several kids. She expresses the “dreams” of “settling down” expressed by men but her desire to live it up and not be tied down. Then it discusses the costs of motherhood with diapers and formula being expensive.

“I’m only 25/still got a couple years to go/I don’t need a babysitter cause this baby got to go.” She proceeds to talk about whorish living, that she “done took care of [negros]/now it’s time to care for me” The song ends with her proudly rapping that she is “BDF Baby Daddy Free” and does not have black baby coming out of her because she is aborting it, which she spells out “aborting.”

When supposed prolife activists contend that women are victims and not perpetrators, they are speaking contrary to what the pro-abortion crowd is declaring. Not only is Nique cognizant to what an abortion is, she views it as empowerment to not be shackled to childbearing. She views it as a convenience for forgetting contraception that she knows about but is content forgetting to use because there is a Planned Parenthood around the corner. She probably also boasts Black Lives Matter to white people while declaring she does not value a black baby inside her womb. In her eyes, promiscuity is liberation and children disrupt her good times. Though the packaging is vulgar and profane—as is typical of rap music, the messaging is otherwise par for the course in the pro-abortion movement.

Make no mistake: abortion is a selfish decision that is overwhelmingly born out of sinful living. It is moral hazard to allow women this “right” so they can return to the streets and repeat the process. How much longer will they label women victims? When Big Eva refuses to condemn the woman for murdering her child, whom she has a duty of care from God to protect, they are excusing Nique’s immoral lifestyle. How much more flagrant does the spirit of the age have to become before Big Eva condemns the woman and gets serious about banning abortion?

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