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Bart Barber

Good Thing The Hebrew Midwives Didn’t Think Like Bart Barber

In the aftermath of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s decision to make Brent Leatherwood the official president of the organization, pro-life Christians lambasted the decision for Leatherwood’s past celebration of Ketanji Brown-Jacksons SCOTUS confirmation and opposition to pro-life legislation in Louisiana. Bart Barber went on the offensive attacking Dusty Deevers, calling his opposition the “lowest point of dishonesty to which we can descend when we sell out to the crass tone of secular politics instead of following the way of Christ.”

In a Twitter thread, Bart Barber let his feelings be known whilst he defended pro-life feminism under the guise of incrementalism.

The initial tweet by Deevers recounted how Brent Leatherwood proclaimed women as victims of abortions in the SBC22

Bart Barber responded in a lengthy tweet thread that climaxed with the following.

After defending the one of the worst pro-life ballot measures ever, Barber proclaims that Deevers is obsessed with sending coerced 16 year olds to jail.

To some degree, the coercion of the parents doesn’t absolve murder. Quite frankly, all three of them can face consequences. The Hebrew midwives had every reason to feel coerced into killing newborns but feared the Lord instead. Should we not expect more out of people?

Bart Barber uses an extreme example to combat the biblical position on abortion that the women are the perpetrators as opposed to the victims, in an effort to move the convention in a more liberal direction on abortion.

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