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Adam Greenway Soyjak Meme

Baptist News Recklessly Reports Adam Greenway Resigned From SWBTS

In Christian news gathering, it is especially important not to report unverified rumors because this is gossip. Yet for the last forty-eight hours, SBC twitter world was enamored with Adam Greenway’s resignation from being president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Only this has remained only a rumor. On Gab, I made clear that Evangelical Dark Web would not report on this story until it had been verified. Evidently, Baptist News Global would be the first to report this story.

The rumor was mostly circulated by David Bumgardner, who was the guy who published the article that launched Karengate. This article was published in Baptist News Global who would open the flood gates reporting that “Greenway reportedly out at Southwestern Seminary

From there, Protestia, Dissenter, and Capstone Report all echoed this reporting by Baptist News. However, since the initial floodgates were opened by Baptist News, with suspected prompting from David Bumgardner, some contrary information has come out. While liberal SBC insiders like Baptist Blogger were hinting at this, SBC Voices and Baptist Press have come out and stated that these rumors were unverified. 

Meanwhile SWBTS has tweeted Adam Greenway’s involvement in an event next month.

This reporting by Baptist News Global was irresponsible and falls under gossip. In pursuit of being ahead of the story, they were entirely premature.

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