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Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby Headline Anti-White Conference

Baylor University has long been an apostate university. Last year they held the Racism In The White Church conference which featured the heretic author, Kristen Du Mez. In February, 2023, Baylor will be hosting it’s second of three conferences meant to promote anti-white racism in the church. This year Beth Moore and Jemar Tiby will be the headliners of this event along with Vann Newkirk, the senior editor at the Atlantic.

Beth Moore has been baselessly accusing the church of racism for years making her an ideal keynote for this event. Also, they needed a woman at the top of the ticket.

Jemar Tisby is a professional race hustler who would not make a living without perceived racism. However, unlike Ibram X Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, he caters to a religious audience, specifically one that professes orthodoxy within Protestantism.

Evangelical Dark Web argued that Beth Moore would seek a more overtly liberal audience and or the Hillsong crowd following her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention. This decision by her would be keeping in line with the anticipated trajectory.

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