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Adam Greenway Soyjak Meme

Adam Greenway No Longer Going To IMB

In a Friday news dump last week, it was announced that Adam Greenway, the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary would resign and take up a position at the International Mission Board. Part of the official statement deferred information on Greenway’s position in NAMB to this week. Earlier this week it was reported that Greenway would be involved with training missionaries, seemingly in an invested position. Now, it appears that Adam Greenway has decided to go a different direction.

This tweet comes one day after Capstone Report published an article on Adam Greenway receiving a six-figure golden parachute on his way out of SWBTS.

Among the strife with his failed administrating of SWBTS is financial impropriety in the form of lavish personal spending, making such an arrangement even more insulting. Nevertheless since the SBC maintains separate entities for its ministries, the concept of administering a golden parachute while the individual accepts a job offer at another entity is not an unheard of practice.

Adam Greenway’s tenure at SWBTS was cut short to 3 1/2 years. His regime was characterized by firing somewhere in the mid-forties range of professors and slashing entire departments. The firings of Bobby Lopez and David Allen drew the most notoriety, they supported the notion of a liberal drift in the seminary. Revenue streams were also diminished from the ousting of Paige Patterson. While Greenway was in a losing position, it cannot be said he mitigated the disaster.

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